Jack is the real support

Jack, Jack, Jack. What can I say?
First of all, his tracking method is one of my favorites. It’s like a little helper. Just place it down at the beginning, and you will basically always get a lead, but depending on how long the monster sneaked, will depend on how long the hunters have to wait before getting a lead.
His weapons are fun to use too, and it honestly is one of the funnest weapons to use with the damage amp. Its animation and effects are super cool.
Personally, I’ve always taken JP recharge with trappers(except Griffin), but now with the dome dropping so fast, I tried out reload speed and capacity with Jack as well. In hunt, reload all the way because It helps with tracking, weapons and more importantly dome and repulse field. In arena, capacity is more useful because it helps repulsing field more and you don’t really need survey spike to recharge as fast.
Now on to my favorite. As a support main, Jack feels SO GOOD. The repulsing field is like a support tool. At first it was very hard to get used to, but man, after I got the hang of it, I felt like a god.
Leap Smash? Nuh uh. Abduction? Not happening. Roll+Heavy? Not today. Oh you likes flying? Too bad.
Jack is almost as good a support as pre-buff bucket. Nevermind, Jack’s not that good, just has a very fun CC.
Repulsing field is one of the funnest abilities in the game. TRS I applaud your ability to continuously create unique, cool, and fun abilities.
Honestly, I have no idea where he stands balance wise as I haven’t played against him, but I can tell that Jack is my favorite trapper to play as. Although I have yet to play the old trappers with the dome speed.
Nonetheless, Jack is a great addition to the drop ship :smile:.
Hunt 2.0 is also sweet, but that’s off topic.
Oh, and the new arena maps are awesome as well. I especially applaud the artists.
Overall, patch 5.0 is looking awesome. Thanks TRS :smile:


I still prefer Gobi as my tracker. :wink:

I can tell you that he’s really, really, really good against Wraith. The Repulsor works on all of her abilities.

Yes, it holds a decoy at bay too. He’s pretty much boss against all the Monsters. That Repulsor is clutch. Love it.

Yeah, Gobi will always be the best tracking method in the game. Daisy a close second.

Only problem playing against Wraith with Jack is that you can’t track the Wraith worth shit.

I’m happy to see you’re liking the new update and Jack :smile:

He’s currently one of, if not my favorite Trapper.

So basically he supports the hunters by stopping the monster or hindering its movements…like every other trapper :wink: