Jack is not really my playstyle?

Everyone loves Jack

Says he’s OP or at least that his repulsor field is and his survey satellite is “good”

Am I the only one, then, that just does not like playing as him? I can’t be the only one.

As a trapper, I feel pressured into playing Jack because the vocal majority thinks he’s so good. I just… don’t. think he’s that good.

Honestly I don’t like the repulsor field mechanic. It’s too finnicky to line up in that magical green sweet spot and it’s not as effective against kraken as the video likes to make it out to be. Not to mention how quickly it runs out of juice. I feel like the harpoon weapons are much more physical and effective, especially Griffin’s for running monsters and Maggie’s for laying traps in choke points or near the power relay. (Bold on traps because we are talking about the trapper class here)

I hardly ever get S1 domes and it’s never because of sat, it’s because the monster player is trash or not paying attention. With Maggie and Daisy, S1 domes are pretty reliable unless it’s Bob sprinting/rolling away as fast as he can.

I don’t even really like his personality. I thought I would, but just like everyone else on the team, I find “The Jackal” very annoying.

Am I the only one that doesn’t like the masked nincompoop?

Am I going to get flak for not picking Jack?

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Naah you’re not the only one, I prefer Maggie for being the “safest” pick as far as hunting down the Monster goes when you don’t know which Monster and what playstyle beforehand.

Late game my all time favorite Trapper is easily Crow. Although it happens very rarely, it’s always really cool when the Monster is at stage 3 and continually tries to engage and disengage again at the Relay.
It’s funny when you manage to drain almost all the Monster’s health before it flees, because then when the Monster comes back with full armor it’s going to desperately try to take out Crow first from a distance because it knows it’ll just instantly die despite the full armor if it engages.

Jack is arguably the best combat Trapper though.
But in my book that doesn’t excuse his horrible tracking. I’m not a huge fan of having a Jack in the team because they often guarantee a free stage 2 and like you, I consider all his dialogue definitely part of the more annoying voice lines in the game.

I really like Jack’s personality and his kit, but this right here is why I just can’t play him. I seem to always have problems lining up the repulsor correctly and it just frustrates me that I’m failing at it. :c

Naw not the only one I don’t play Jack well and I’ve seen one person play him well. I much prefer Griffin for his harpoon.

Also his Sat is only good for damage its extremely lack luster for actually tracking IMO.

Griffin is said to be the best trapper in the game (at least pre-5.0) and especially so against Goliath. Myself, I don’t like playing him. Like, I have about 5 hours on him, where as the other trappers I have 50-70 hours on.

If you just don’t feel it whilst playing with him, then that’s just how it is. Play the hunters you enjoy and feel compliment the way you like to play.

Everyone is good at different characters. I myself am a Crow person.

Right now trapper is my least played class, and Jack my least played character, so take my input with a grain of salt.

The reason why i don’t like Jack is because his CC (Crowd Control?!) ability needs to be actively used. Abe tosses out a few nades and switches back to darts/shotgun. Maggie places some traps and switches back to MG. Crow constantly switches between all 3 as well. So Maggie/Abe/Crow all slow the monster while they’re doing something else. When Jack switches to Pistols there is no CC anymore. It’s the same for Griffin, but the Harpoon is just very cool and feels like an honest trapper weapon.

I don’t think you should get any grief for not playing Jack. Play who you enjoy playing not the ‘meta’ because if you play character you’re the best with you’ll do a lot bettet for the team and enjoy the game a lot more and that’s what it is all about.

Always play who you want to play. Anyone playing a character they’re comfortable with / enjoy will outperform anyone playing a character that they’re uncomfortable with or do not enjoy. You’re helping your team by playing who you want to play.

And if they ask you to pick Jack, say you don’t want to play as him - he doesn’t seem fun.
If they insist, say you don’t own him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I love Jack. But I understand if he isn’t your playstyle. Certain people like certain characters. If you’re on my team I don’t care who you choose, so long as you at least know what you’re doing.

I dislike Maggie’s personality, her kit, her hair, etc. However, if you like playing as her and you’re competent enough to use her effectively, then by all means go ahead and play Maggie.

Not gonna lie, I’ve used the other Trappers maybe once since Jack was released.
He just gets me :blush:

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It’s all personal style at the end of the day!

I dont really like Jack in hunt, but I love him in every other mode. I like active tracking like Gobi and Daisy (kind of) when i look for the monster.

I’m trying to figure out if I want to buy Jack or not. I love trapper and play Maggie and Crow all the time. Jack just doesn’t seem good at hunting to me. He reminds me of Abe… Great in the dome but bad at finding the monster. At the same time though, I didn’t think I’d like crow but now he’s my second favorite trapper.

Not liking him is one thing, but he is very good. He does the most damage, has the strongest CC (it just takes practice to be able to easily line it up), and his tracking is great if you can find a Monster without tools.

But if you don’t find him fun, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with the other trappers.

I’m more of a fan of tracking the Monster in subtle ways, like finding corpses, broken fauna, and hearing screaming spotters across the map. Most of the time I don’t need a direct tracking method like the darts or Daisy, although they are nice to have in maps with less LoS.

In battle though, I primarily use the pistols until either Hank is being targeted, or his shield runs out. By the time my Repulsor is out, the shield is recharged.

It’s also nice having a way to help Hank if the Monster is gunning for him since he only has the cloak to save him, but that’s not always helpful against high-skilled Monsters.

Yeah I only played him to get him Elite now he’s at the back of the line for a bit anyway.

I find like you said playing certain monsters the repulser just doesn’t work very good,by the time you get the right angle your dead!

Griffin? No way is he the best trapper lol

Against Goliath he is. His damage was also very high. His harpoon allows him to stop a monster’s focus or keep them close on a chase. A lot of people considered him very good. He could also cover the entire map with his spikes, or cover the choke points. Personally I feel Maggie and Abe were better though.

The only Monster that Jack has a bit of trouble with would be Kraken. With him you need to at least be around the same height and aim the beam either up (to keep Kraken from dropping during AS) or aim down (to “push/keep” Kraken on the ground for Assault)

Otherwise it works well on the other three Monsters. Wait and use it for certain abilities:
Goliath - Traversals, Leap Smash, Charge
Wraith - Traversals, Warp Blast, Supernova

With Behemoth it’s usually good to stop the roll, especially if he’s trying to corner a Hunter.

I love Griffin, but I feel Abe does more damage. And Maggie and Crow are better for maps with low LoS.