Jack is Griffin on Steroids


Repulsor field needs to be reworked. If someone think’s Jack is fine as is you don’t play Monster.


I think he’s alright, and I play Monster. -.^

He’s probably much worse to play against when you have a great team running Sunny as well (And probs Slim). But as an individual, his repulsors are quite easily burned, leaving him vulnerable. When faced with a jack, I tend to just waste his repulsors by moving to the side where he can’t reposition his gloves as effectively, and then jump in after he’s burned them down a bit.

It’s amazing that Griffin was so OP for a long time, and no-one seemed to care. Now that Jack is here that does exactly the same thing pretty much, but is less spammable because the gloves burn out fast, and people say there’s an issue. Permapooning was a thing. Permarepulse isn’t. Blocking a traversal takes a large chunk of the batteries.


I don’t play monster apparently. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no grouse with the Repulsor field. My only issue is that, if Laz is present, it’s an extremely cheesy ability for guaranteeing rezzes. ._. But otherwise? No. It’s very strong for defence but not too strong IMO. It’s like Maggie’s traps.


I think he’s fine as is and I play monster, just to add to the chorus :stuck_out_tongue:

He makes you think about your positioning against a team as a monster a lot more than any other trapper, but you can work around him. Plus very few Jacks have what it takes to deal with what happens after you’ve burned through the capacity of his repulsor.

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Jack in general is fine. His Repulsor Mastery bonus however, is completely ridiculous. Nerf it to +10% Repulsor capacity (it about doubles the capacity right now) and Jack is totally fine.

In the same boat, buff Griffin’s harpoon to be as effective on a Wraith as the Repulsor is. It’s always pissed me off that she just essentially ignores the harpoon when Warp Blasting or Abducting.

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You can avoid his beam lol, just change direction from side to side and backwards.


It’s a little strong against wraith you can stop all 3 traversals


Jack is fine. If anything when jack uses his repulseor he’s basically throwing a big target on himself. As you can follow the beam trail to him, all you need to do his stop moving and throw one of your projectile abilities at him. He’s gonna either get hit or try to dodge. And that’s when you jump on him and combo him, he will most likely have low jet pack fuel and his repulse on cool down or very low battery


And then it can’t stop your abduction or warpblast and you’re right on top of him :smiley:


But then I’m respond nearly all of my in combat movement


That’s the purpose of CC really.

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The only difference between Jack and griffin is that Jack must be somewhat in front of the monster to be effective. Griffin in the back. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather fight a good Jack than a good Griffin.

Griffin stops traversals AND climb attempts. Imo he’s the better pick. Jack is just Fotm is all.


Yeah but you don’t see griffin stopping all wraiths traversals or Maggie or ABE / crow

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I’d agree with this if Griffin’s harpoon wasn’t so slow on the reload now. In general the ability to choose when to stop the monster as long as you’re not infront of it is very useful.

I used to, before the 5.0 nerfs. And remember that while Griffin might not stop all traversals, he’s free to continue to try to stop traversals for the entire period of the fight. If you’ve burned out Jack’s repulsor then you’re pretty free to do what you want for the next period of time.

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I think the consumption of the capacity against goliath is correct but against the other monsters it needs to be toned down (be able to block less traversals).

Wraith is basically shut down by a good jack because of the ability to block half of the attacks, which in theory I don’t understand. Doesn’t wraith kind of teleport? I mean this is the reason she can blow through other traps and deployables right? They only work on her if abduct and warp END in the CC range.

Kraken i believe can use all of its traversals bumping into the repulsor. Behemoth I just feel bad for because there really isn’t a way for him to burn the capacity at a cost. He just has to roll into it for awhile.

My approach is to generally burn through the capacity if you can’t tell. One of the streams mentioned that as a decent strat and to just use a traversal into the beam and it will deplete it a significant amount. In my experience, this doesn’t work as advertised.

Ps: Yes, I know I could go around but Jack doesn’t get to dictate how I live my life :slight_smile:


I like Jack better than Griffin for a few reasons.

Immediately in the game, I can focus on the chase with the satellite, whereas Griffin takes a bit to set up a reliable network of spikes.

With movement speed bonus, if i get slightly ahead of the team and get the arena up, I have the repulsion gloves to help keep the monster off me for a few seconds, which Griffin can’t do (until it decides to pounce, in which the gloves fail, which I think is BS).

Fighting with Jack is better than Griffin b/c of the movement speed while shooting. With movement bonus, it’s really great.

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His gloves has obvious weaknesses to work around and are kinda situational. Only time they get really annoying if he somehow gets above you as kraken or if people are running sunny with him


Griffin was very strong, but it was fair because he had to have excellent positioning to pull off his wicked saves. He had to be behind the monster, across from the monster’s target, in order to do what Jack does, and completely halt the monster’s movements.

If the monster goes for Griffin, he can’t stop the monster. This is the counterplay Jack doesn’t have.

Jack also doesn’t need excellent positioning to block the monster’s advance, he just has to be somewhere within 180 degrees in front of the monster (where the front of the monster is their facing direction towards their chosen target), and bend his beam accordingly. As previously mentioned, he can’t be targeted first as easily, because he can peel for himself.

I would also add that Jack’s CC is more difficult to gauge how much he has from the monster’s perspective. While the monster knows that he has a few seconds after Griffin’s harpoon breaks (and he might luckily dodge the next one coming), Jack may or may not have more forcefield left after he blocks an ability or traversal (and it locks on to the monster - no dodging). In fact, I’ve come across Jacks that block several in a row and have seemingly never-ending supplies of capacity, and no forward movement can be gained for several seconds (whereas Griffin would allow you at least some brief periods of movement).

Therefore, in my eyes, Jack is strictly superior, mechanically, than Griffin, in terms of controlling the monster in a fight. The reason why Jack is OP, is because he does everything that another Trapper can do, but better. His only downside is his weaker tracking method (which, in combat, apparently does a ton of damage).


Jack can’t beam when he’s jetpacking or jumping?


Behemoth main here and I am completely fine with the repulsor. Oh Jack you want to use it to stop my melees?

Sit still while I tongue grab you and roll you to death.

Jokes aside I am very content with the repulsor but I am glad it is going to be dynamic depending on the monster traversal being used as I feel Goliath suffers a bit too much from something of jack’s caliber.