Jack how is he op?


im asking this because everyone on the forums is yelling hes op but i dont see this probaly just the satelite but id rather fight him than a griffin or crow


He’s annoying, I’ll give them that, but OP? Hmmm I don’t think so :<


idk how i mean you just have to turn around to stop the repulsor even then just throw a rock,vortex,lava bomb


Simple answer to this question, Mr. OP.

#He isn’t.


Yeah that’s what I do most of the time with Behemoth, lava bomb, tongue grab or just empty his repulsor with your traversals.


his guns do sh** damage 2


He’s not OP.


He isn’t OP, hes just an annoying twit.
Satellite feels shitty though, can’t always dodge and its a fuckton of damage.


He’s not. He’s an extreme annoyance but not OP.


800 damage is not a lot. It just looks that way since it happens all at once.


but if jack is with val you could barley move espicially with a sunny there on you the whole time


Its the combo not Jack.


Except it is.
How is 800 not a lot of damage?


Once, every 30 seconds about. And can be dodged super easily.

800 damage over 30 seconds is far from a lot.

About 26DP/S which is actually less than Trappers damage.


well fair quirkly if its the health its alot if its the armor not so much


Any damage to health is too much.


His overall damage is too high for his utility.

His dual pistols are extremely damaging and nearly perfectly precise.
His satelite has a very high damage and is often hard to dodge in combat.
His repulsor lasts too long and has a too big arc and recharges too fast.

People say he’s balanced because he has no tracking ability. This is near bull**** as tracking is rarely a problem anymore.

Once in a dome though, he’s far stronger than any other trapper in the game, both in terms of damage and protecting himself and teammates.

On casual level he’s fine. Give him to someone who knows how to use his kit and he’s OP as all hell.


idk about that gun or the repulsor they barley do damage and the repulsor is gone in like 4 seconds


okay. so involving the jackal.

base stats (no mastery, modifiers)

Dual Pistols
fire duration of 1.5secs
2secs reload
12 shot clip
6.6rounds per second
36damage per shot (console)
40damage per shot (PC)

On console
Burst DPS 237
Average DPS 130
432 max/clip

Burst DPS 264
Average DPS 144
480 max/clip

800 damage on tag
0-5sec duration
30sec CD

800 burst damage
26.6 Average DPS

Maggie Machine Pistol
205 Burst DPS
153 Average DPS

griffin SMG
157.5 Burst DPS
111 Average DPS

abe shotgun
440 Burst DPS
182 Average DPS

when compared to the other trappers, Jack is more damage focused (albiet a slight jack in full range tracking to balance it), however, his damage based abilities are well within the trapper’s area.

Abe is secretly very good

Not always.
While running away, yes.
Midfight, focusing Medic, while Sunny is jetboosting her away, Jack is stopping you, and Assault is raining death.
Fucking lol.

I don’t care about DPS over prolonged period of time.
Burst is the name of the game.
Thats 800, instantaneous, armor/health ripping damage.
Its not something to laugh at.