Jack Discussion - Possible strageties, pairings, etc

I haven’t seen anyone do it yet so I will! So we have seen Jack’s abilities and have gotten the jist of what they do. I just want to hear how you guys could use them. Such as a possible strategy against a specific monster, or who do you think he could work well with. I think with his repulsion field and Sunny’s jet booster, they could become a very deadly combo. Now let me, and others, know what you think!

Use pistols when monster is going away from you on when repulsion is on cooldown.
When monster is targeting someone, jump in and use the repulsion field to give a chance of escape.


The two that pop into my head.

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I am anticipating Cabot+Laz+Jack.

You can body camp when we say you can body camp!


Someone in the reveal thread mentioned using him to prevent a monster from leaving a cave. Imagine Hyde chasing him then Jack appears on the outside of the cave and blocks him in a Toxic nade + flamethrower, and maybe a Cabot on top of that because why not. With good positioning/prediction the Jackal could be a terrifying trapper.

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Yeah, I can see Laz and Jack synergising very well. Cabot will likely also synergise with Jack very well, and I think pretty much all of the Assault characters will have amazing Synergy with him.

Though, if Repulsion Field works the way I think it does then I’m going to assume that the best way to use it will be in bursts.

EDIT: I’m also predicting that Jack will have insanely high Last-Man-Standing value.


Jack will probably be the best “last-man-standing” trapper by far.

I can see a good team comp being Jack, Cabot, Laz, and Hyde. Jack keeps 'em in place for Laz to res if needed, Cabot can easily get a lock on with the Damage Amp, and Hyde will just melt through health.

I’m trying to decide what will be better for Jack: Capacity, or Reload. Ughhhhh it’s so difficult to choose.

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The Jackal knows no fear is his passive.
This allows him to grow balls (not literal) when he is the last hunter alive and can engage in a 1v1 with the Stage 3 :monster: . He can then grow 2 extra arms to utilise all four pistols. This surprises the :monster:, which causes his damage to be super effective (400% extra damage).

After that. Profit O.O

I will really use his repulsor ray to keep the monster away from the Medic or to help assault deal dem damages >.<


Well reload effects domes so… the choice is clear.

jack+hank or torvald to hold the monster in place for mortars or orbitals

Inb4 we find out Jackas Repulsion is yet another Trapper CC ability that the Kraken and Wraith completely bypass with 1 traversal.

Nah but in all seriousness, I can already feel my upcoming tears for when Jack is released and I get stuck as Goliath in a corner by his Repulsion while I hear the rumbling skies of an incoming Orbital Barrage.
Brr. I’m gonna get rekt.


I reckon he’s gonna have good synergy with most of the support class since it looks like he has good defensive capabilities, he can either boost the already good defensive capabilities of sunny/hank, or give some to Cabot/bucket combos, so the team has enough staying power.
Plus, depending on how his tracking works Cabot/Buckets tracking tools may be more useful, since you may get a good idea of where the monster was, or need to get a tracker on it before the one from Jack disappears.
And leading the monster into a bucket-turret field/hank-orbital and then just locking him down will feel so good

Since some people think he’ll have the best self-defensive capabilities of the trappers, he may form a good combo with Laz, stopping monsters from just going for the trapper when caught in a early dome and getting away with no health damage.

As for strategies (not my strong point), I reckon he will make elevation even more useful for kiting the monster as the hunter with the potentially best tool for stopping a monster coming up to where jack is

Don’t forget Laz Hank Jack though it’s still viable

Not nearly as fun. :wink:
Plus Hank is being nerfed, Sunny is being buffed. Why go Hank?

Val, Cab, Jack, Lennox.

Val tranqs

Cab amps

Jack holds

Lennox melts.

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Shame didn’t know Hank was getting NERFED sad

There you go.

Wasn’t that relative? In any case guess you’ve got a point. Laz + Sunny + Jack is gonna be all the rage
Especially for me as a Laz player, shields and repulsions for days, combo that with Lennox or Hyde for Punishment heck even Torvald will own

My understanding is that the Hank nerf will make it more even with the new damage scaling on monsters.

Oh I see I see that indeed makes sense