Jack Balancing Problems

There are none. You did a good job guys :grinning::+1:


HAHAH. I really like Jacks kit, I don’t even like to play hunter but in solo I’m having a blast!

Yeah, his kit is amazing. He is definitely my favorite hunter now.

But there is talk of a new monster. Thin, fast with long legs like a spider… Soon.

Its not just talk, we have a the blacked out picture like we do with the other hunters. Anyways, I think its coming next too, because a dev tweeted it wont be last. Obviously it wont be fourth either because it wont make sense to have 3 hunters, then the monster, and then the last hunter.

That was a Markov line talking to Jack.

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The only thing i think should be changd is a bit less damage from his scannerr but its not majorly over powered so they dont even need to do that.

Yeah, I think thats fine. The laser is pretty easy to dodge anyway if you know how.

Proof! Now!

just go to the dialogue thread, I’ve heard it ingame but didn’t care to screencap