Jack 100% lennox's son


I was playing a defend match as jack and I was the last alive and Jack said “Okay Jack Lennox, you can do this” it was pretty much confirmed before but now it is 100%


This has been confirmed ages ago. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun


It’s been confirmed before by the writer no less.


Nice :smiley: I’m glad you managed to avoid all the spoilers on the forum to find out for yourself


I heard some people talk about it but they didn’t know for sure and they were guessing. Happy I found out my self even if I sound moronic right now


You don’t sound moronic at all! There’ll be people who only bought the game last week who haven’t yet realised, everyone finds out stuff at their own pace with this game which is one of the things I like about it.


Like Nia said, you don’t sound moronic, it took me a while to,(longer then I’d like to admit) don’t even sweat it, it’s great discovering stuff on your own :wink:


Nah, I’m thinking Jack is only 87% Lennox’s son.


Jack is 22% Lennox’s son, 13% Goliath’s, and 100% Daisy’s.


It’s interesting what you can find out about a character when they’re the only one left alive.
For instance, Slim’s real name. He doesn’t remember it, but when he’s the last one alive he calls himself it. I won’t tell you so you can figure it out on your own, too :slightly_smiling:



Pm me it, thanks.


Oh, oh, I know!


Well, pm me :slight_smile:


Isn’t Lennox a bit old for having son this young?


I thought the same at first but… Future :D.


Yeah, I’ve always been under the impression that she’s his grandmother.

I’m thinking support might be his birth mother, and she might have left him after undergoing the mutations that made her hand look so freaky.


Not everyone (and I assume you are included in this) has seen the livestreams where the writer clearly said Jack is Lennox’s son. Some people have their finger on the pulse of everything Evolve, while others are just beginning to discover the awesome background of Evolve’s story. Happy hunting, and keep up the good fight bud.


Thought was her grandson ?


I’ve watched most of their live streams. Might’ve missed a couple though.

Funny, as I remember it the last official thing I heard about Jack and Lennox in a live stream was simply that they were related. But I might be remembering wrong.

Do you happen to have a source handy for the live stream you’re talking about? I’ve looked on their twitch channel, but it won’t show previous streams from further back than November.