J.J Abrams might have just confirmed Rey's parents are not in episode 7(Star Wars.)


In a blog post, J.J Abrams confirms that Rey’s parents are NOT in episode 7. Now you’re probably thinking “Big deal” right? well as it turns out this blows away so many fan theories! what do you guys think?


Maybe that’s what he wants us to think…


Going to quote Abrams follow up comment when asked to clarify what he meant:

"What I meant was that she doesn’t discover them in Episode VII. Not that they may not already be in her world…”


Might want to updates your OP, OP. waves hand


Side note:

Remember when Abrams said Benedict Cumberbatch wasnt Kahn in Star-Trek?

And then Benedict Cumberbatch turned out to be Kahn (Much to EVERYONES suprise, we assure you)?

He will straight up lie to your face.

Given his track record- He could very well be INTENTIONALLY misleading and playing with words. It could STILL be luke skywalker, and with how he is, STILL fit. “Ok, so its luke- but she only FOUND luke. She didnt get to KNOW Luke. She didnt get to DISCOVER what kind of person luke was” yadda yadda

Not saying that this IS the case- Just saying, this is how this man works. Hell intentionally mislead everyone if they find out his “ooo mystery” because he wants his “ooo mystery reveal!”.

Im still half expecting a “No Rey. I am your father!” moment in the next movie- To give the movies another “hey rememeber this moment you all liked too in the originals!?” that the first one used a lot of (not that this is a BAD thing, just needs to be done right)


Yeah and Rey is obviously Chewie’s daughter. I mean, he seemed fine travelling with her after Han’s death. Not a hint of hesitation. Coincidence?


Who really cares??? I want to know the BIG question on everyone’s mind- if BB-8 is R2-D2’s son???


who’s the mother? A ball of orange yarn?


Chewie is Rey’s father, calling it.


Nooo…his mother was obviously a space pumpkin:)


Oh, so he’s imitating Lucas in that fashion as well. Lucas having refused to admit Palpatine was Sidious prior to ep3s release.