IYW a colonist what would you had named the monsters? (and wildlife)


me personally

Goliath = Titan. Because he’s big and badass, he is the alpha omega of the monsters.
MeteorG = Hermes. He’s pretty speedy and is blue dunno why.
Kraken = Kraken, still would’ve thought the same lol.
Wraith = Sedusa or Gorgon, because she’s like Medusa. Very serpent like and still had a very feminine human trait.
Behemoth = Armadon
Gorgon = You know what it is… and why, I must’ve said it a million times… “Miley” there I said it.
Caira = Caira.

Reaver = Hell Monkeys
Mammoth Birds = Stingbirds
Stryders = Space chicken
MegaMouth = Botoxface
Blitz Leopard = Terror Leapers
Crowbill Sloth = Megasloth
Chomp Plant = Overly attached girlfriend
Tyrant = The name Tyrant is fitting
Dune Beetle = SPAWN OF SATAN!


Fire-Breather, Electric-One, Ghost-Thing, Armored-Monster, Spider-Creature.


[quote=“Azmi_Anuar, post:1, topic:81172”]
Mammoth Birds = Stingbirds
[/quote]The only correct answer to this is “Satan himself!”


Meatmonkey, Hentai-Hazard, Lorelei, Brocken and Lingering Legs.

Mammothbird: Squid-Chick


Kraken? Well… A multitude of swears should do the trick for Kraken’s name.


Something along the lines of lightning, dick and suck? :wink:


And many more… Pain in the ass and bastard also come to mind. OH, and lets not forget “Little bitch”


Mammoth birds = thunder chickens obviously
Venom hounds = Little John Cena’s (can’t see them, until the sudden RKO out of nowhere)


Mammoth Bird = Zapbird
Crowbill Sloth = Sid on bath salts
Reavers = Little shits
Spotters = Daxter
Kraken = OP pls nerf
Gorgon = Spiderwoman
Behemoth = Rocky (I really like it when Sunny calls him Rocky)




No one will see the real Monster, who’s name I have hidden.


Names for them…
Golaith-Big spikey, flame breathing monster.
Wraith-Tiny scythe monster that teleports
Kraken-tentacle flying squid thingy



Meteor Goliath…speedy? He honestly feels slower than OG Goliath.

Anywho, I probably would make the Wraith’s name Gorgon for the same reasons you did and rename the Gorgon as Arachne.


Goliath: King Zilla
Kraken: Honestly the name is already really fitting
Wraith: Succubus
Behemoth: Magma Hog
Gorgon: Charlotte


Godzilla, Bluezilla, Kraken, Demon, Rocky, Spider. :smiley:

Not thinking of “cool” names, just writing down the first association.


That. They would kill me before I could say more than, “Oh $#!+, what the hell is that?”


First ever Azmi thread without the term Miley. Good job!


:joy: :joy:


Sorry to be “this guy”, but John Cena isn’t the RKO guy. That’s Randy Orton who does the R K O.


Goliath: Colossus
Kraken: Leviathan
Wraith: Siren
Behemoth: Abomination
Gorgon: Medusa