I've stopped playing as or against Wraith. Enjoyment increased 100%


Having unlocked and used Wraith for a grand total of 2 matches I quickly decided not to use her anymore for the following reasons. As much as I enjoy eviscerating hunters with her it is simply too easy. I feel cheap using her and winning so decisively. Also from the hunters perspective it is NOT fun for them having asked friends on the receiving end of my Wraith. Also when playing as a hunter I find most wraith matches dull,drawn out tracking and generally predictable . So I no longer use or hunt wraith and as such I am having a much better time with the game. I dont expect TRS or 2k to do a damn thing as they have had my money and see little reason for them to care about anything other than focusing on DLC. Still it sucks to have such a balance issue that detracts from my enjoyment of what is in all other aspects a stellar game. Safe to say if they can’t rebalance the base game I have zero confidence in the DLC being balanced and within the month I will probably move on to greener pastures failing any updates or support. - The Consumer.


I haven’t even unlocked wraith TBH. I loved Goliath so much I never even touched Kraken yet!

Goliath all the way.


Ok. :monster:


Two games isn’t enough for your opinion to mean much in my opinion lmao I agree avoiding domes as wraith is really easy on most maps but fighting a good team isn’t easy unless you play your cards really well and get a little lucky


I meant to specify 2 online games. Played other solo/customs as wraith.


In High Tier apparently everyone plays Kraken as he is the strongest. Wraith has a huge advatange pre 30 as to people either not knowing her and how to beat her.


Keep at it & and your luck will change :]


you could always try to win stage 1 with the wraith. i bet it wont end as easy as u would like.


We can kill a wraith thats not the issue I have. Its more the eye rolling “just another wraith fight” and the extremely similar game that follows.


The rely fights can be fun but yea I don’t enjoy the hunt as much as Goliath or karken


I love playing as and against Goliath and Kraken as the matches always seem to vary depending on the player/play style. I find Wraith boring once you’ve seen it /played it a few times.


Considering I would at least like to fancy myself as a higher-level player, I met a team the other day (they weren’t even a team… they started as a pug) where i tried playing as Kraken… and they subsequently followed me, hunted me down, and annihilated me at Stage 1, something i’d never had happen till then.

So i played Wraith against them instead, and what followed that was the craziest 20-minute match where i ended up losing because i ran near the end of one of our fights.

(I had Hank down, and if i hadn’t decided to run, i would’ve downed Val and probably killed everyone.)

I thought i could run and Evolve to Stage 3… that didn’t happen. Once i left them, the host disconnected b/c he’d had enough.

Regardless… I was getting smashed by these people.

Just because your opponents suck doesn’t mean they always will… take that from me (:


Wraith is just in a weird spot, where she is too frail to fight directly and thus relieas on decoy and WB to divert and escape. The way her abilities are set is encouraging a chase. But she is too fast. Thus it takes a skilled team that everyone can track well and round her off and corner her. To a pug this is much harder. Thus why in high levels she is played less as the more skilled players are able to combat her. I like playing as her, I am finding myself winning more and more in stage 2 and had a hunter team take me down a good bit. avg games for her are 10 minutes or less. I usually go as fast as i can to 3 being very elusive with fake trails at the beginning to get a good headstart on energy. If they find me without armor I flee unless their is a good opportunity.


I probably play 50/50 parties and randoms . Thats my basis for the conclusion I came to. I will concede that once in a while you have a truly magnificent match its just that in my experience they are not the matches with wraith in. I understand that opinions are like arse holes in that everyone has one and most will think mine smells worse than theirs :slight_smile: Aside from my issue I love this game that much I had to buy digital for fear of trying to make physical love to a disk copy…


Hunters are just really strange. Earlier I played a match as wraith and I always engage stage 2 pretty much immediately to strike them out. I evaded a crappy thrown dome and staged up in like 4 minutes. Game ended in 8 so at this point it didn’t even have anything to do with it being a wraith/kraken/goliath. Can’t be a funny round for the hunters being stomped early because they made a mistake.

Then I picked kraken and let myself be domed at stage 1 just to undome myself via tracker kill 10 seconds later and proceeded to kill them at stage 2 aswell. I said “Yeah that was so much more fun compared to the wraith” and apparently it was more fun for them being stomped that way.

Do I find it funny when I catch a wraith and he manages to evade me in the dome pretty well? Not particularly, but at least I don’t close my eyes to the truth, that a goliath can pretty much do the same (sure he will be attacked more compared to the wraith but also has more armor in either way they can escape without healthdamage often).

A kraken is even a whole different tier simply flying high he effectively has way more armor negating every strong weapon bar railgun.


So you won 2 matches and you are already claiming she is OP? Extremely small sample size much?

We win our fair share of Wraith matches, and we lose our fair share. She gets picked 31% of the time according to Telemetry, and has a slightly above average win/loss ratio. There is an obvious balance update coming to Wraith, but this whole talk that you can’t lose to a Wraith is ridiculous.

And my team isn’t even that good or experienced. I would just say we’re average with above average teamwork.

Also because you beat two teams as Wraith now all of a sudden all they care about is focusing on DLC? When they have already said they are actively working on a patch (that is currently in certification, patches take time on Xbox), as well as a very soon balance fix.

It is barely one week after release and you are already crying that they haven’t released a balance patch to meet your needs so shortly after launch.

Not everyone deals with small sample sizes. You don’t make game-wide balance changes based on just a few days worth of data. You wait till you have a large enough sample set, then you make the changes, and then spend time testing them out. This isn’t something you do overnight otherwise you are just winging it and that’s not how professionals work.


In my opinion Wraith is much much more enjoyable if you focus your skill points on Warp Blast and Abduct, with maybe one point in Nova maximum.
It’s just so much fun fishing hunters out of the air using abduct, hit them with one or two swings and following up with warp blast, then using decoy for repositioning.

If you actively play the wraith agressively instead of just running away and only using Nova-Decoy when you get domed she actually feels much more balanced and fun :smile:

just my 2 cents


I said 2 online, done more than a few custom/solo matches. (that is currently in certification, patches take time on Xbox) Im on PS4. Anyway my point wasn’t OP this or Nerf that. Nor was it that she was hard to beat. It was that she makes the game boring and less enjoyable for me and my friends. There are a lot of threads regarding Wraith which is a clear indicator there is a problem with a portion of the vocal player base. I can see your very passionate and defensive about this game so I understand if that clouded your interpretation of what my issue is.


No, just over the whole “This game isn’t the way I want it fix it or everyone is going to quit”. Wraith is just fine, needs some balance tweaks but it’s not a game changer.

Patience is something a lot of people could use a bit more of.


So your upset over the fact I said “I”(not everyone) would probably stop playing after a while if the game isn’t balanced/fixed. Yet you said yourself there are balances and fixes on the way which in turn validates the opinion that there is a need for them…