Ive never played an FPS that made me strategize so much


Ive been playing every and all fps games since Unreal tournament 2004 and battlefield 2, but these matches where I’m Goliath have been so intense I can only play one or two at a time. The hunter teams I’m encountering really test my creativity in planning, hiding, attacking and general strategizing. It is a tense game of cat and mouse that I really love Evolve for.


This sums up my feelings perfectly!


Nice!!! Thanks for the kind words!


I know that exact feeling about only being able to play a few games. I really need a cooldown after a close game.


Yeah I can’t just go to bed after a long night of playing. I’m way too worked up.


I still get shaky during a close match as the monster, after all this time!


I don’t think i’ve ever played game that made me sweat…like literally sweat from the tension. Only happens against good hunter teams though. Keeps me coming back for more !


its not that i dont enjoy playing the monster, its that i think my poor gamer heart will overload from the adrenaline.


I really like the mental strain this game induces on you. The beautiful art and audio are great for immersion, I get so tuned in and pumped to rek some hunters. But I can only last 2 games in a row as monster. I need hunter breaks or I burn out and need wine!

Players are slowly but surely getting more used to play styles and working as a team. Cant wait for new hunters and monsters to shake up the meta!


This thread sums up my love for this game. It’s about creative use of several different resources, whether it be armor and cooldowns or jetpack fuel or ammunition, every game always challenges me to think creatively about the situation and improvise with what I’ve got.