I've got a steam controller!


Finally, it came up after 2 weeks. I finally got it. The only problem is…that it’s still in development yet.
I tested it a bit first on The Crew and it works pretty well, I even made a tryhard ragequit with my Ford Focus RS and my frenchy sticker on it.
Then, I tested Evolve on solo because I had to test the controls of its FPS type. The controls were terrible, because the pad is way more sensible on the X-axis than the Y-axis and because the game recognises the Steam Controller as an Xbox Controller in the options. The worst is that I couldn’t tweak the X and Y axis separately from the controller’s option menu.
I think I should wait before using the controller on FPS games because it’s almost impossible to aim properly, I’d rather use it on car games for now. I am quite satisfied anyhow because of the varied options you can tweak, but I should wait for the application to be updated because it’s still a beta currently.

I do not recommend you to use it in FPS games, the controller is still funny to use anyway.


I complain about this now since 1 year! :frowning:

See here one of those threads:


You too had the same issue?


Have maybe a nice info for you guys.

I post it here as well maybe it helps someone. To get a little bit directer controller feeling and get rid of the x and x axis issue do the following. Its still not the best solution but it feels better.

The following solution only works with steam cloud save turned on.
The folder “23700728” is different on your system, its your internal steam number.
The folder “273350” is the Evolve Game ID. As you can see here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/273350

Go to your Steam folder something like: XY:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\

Then to:

XY:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\23700728\273350\local\USER\Profiles\default\settings.xml

Open the settings.xml

Set the following attributes to a constant number, for example:

<Attr name="settings/joysticksensitivityfinalaccelspeed" value="7.000000"/>
<Attr name="settings/joysticksensitivityrotspeedpitch" value="7.000000"/>
<Attr name="settings/joysticksensitivityrotspeedyaw" value="7.000000"/>

Then it feels just better…Accel, Axis everything…