I've Got A Lot Of Faith Back


I love this game, and like most people here, I’ve been playing since well before day 1, with the big alpha and betas. And, also like a lot of you, I began to get a little worried when playerbases started dropping. I remember being worried that TRS might ditch the effort and work on something else, despite the declaration that Evolve was a permanent IP; what’s an IP without a playerbase?

But between Kala’s release, the Kraken adaptation coming much earlier than I expected, and @citizenphnix’s Thunderchild (and any other data people who may have worked on it), I’m really gaining back a lot of hope for the game. It’s so cool to see a team so heavily invest in the future of their game; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team quite as dedicated as TRS.

So thanks to you guys for working so hard at this game and making it as awesome as it is. Special shoutouts to @Chloe and @Shaners for their work with the community and @Insane_521 for his work with the competitive scene. Apologies to anybody I missed. Thank you so much for all the work you put in!


I approve of this! Glad to see faith restored! I’m sure there are plenty feeling the same as you!


Still seems like Permanent R.I.P instead… at least in my region, which is a shame because this is the only game I’ve been playing for the past year and I’m still not really interested in any other games.

TRS is trying to do their best, but marketing was seriously messed up and mispresented. Also it’s not made very clear to new players that this game is extremely difficult and has much more depth than it may seem at first glance. As a result we had a lot of frustrated players who misunderstood this game and left it, along with leaving negative reviews.

The fact that Evolve has a high skill ceiling but at the same time publisher and/or developers trying to balance it “for everyone” actually did a lot of harm as well. This game was built to require extreme levels of coordination and team play (which is appreciated by some players like me) from hunters and very clean play from monster, and that’s something they had to make very clear from the beginning. Instead, for many people it wasn’t obvious enough when they were buying the game, so they had lots of false expectations, frustrating experiences and misconceptions.

[quote=“KaptinSkorge, post:1, topic:82648, full:true”]Insane_521 for his work with the competitive scene.
That’s kind of ironic, considering that competitive scene is now pretty much dead, on PC at least.


Theres a bit of hope. The QS tourney has had more teams than just about anything signing up to participate, hell i think the last QS for PC had 14 teams in one day- Thats not bad. Cross the fingers.


That’s awesome to hear Skorge!!

Thank you so much for your support & for noticing all the hard work my coworkers put in to Evolve. We do it for you all. We’re thankful to have such an awesome, supportive community!


With some exceptions, most of those teams seemed sort of more like they were thrown together to participate in something once or twice, rather than teams that will keep playing and practicing together for months. I hope I’m wrong (crossing fingers).


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