I've figured out what makes LS OP


People say the radius is big. But by using my mind I though about how you can avoid/dodge LS. Unless you have a full jetpack or have Sunny, there is no way to dodge it. Since there is no clear way to avoid/dodge it, I thought I’d share what I’ve come to. Instead of dodging left/right to dodge like Goliath’s RT, why not make the only safe way to dodge be up? This makes climbing walls to dodge it seem fair.

I wanted to put this thread here because TU9 probably fixed Kraken (fingers crossed) and I just wanted some discussion for the next 2-4 months.


Use Terrain to dodge. Problem solved. Treat like Tongue Grab.


But it’s how Kraken can chase you with LS that makes it undodgeable. By climbing walls to dodge LS is dodging by using terrain.


jump down. He needs LOS to cast lightning on an area.


Doesn’t help on maps like Fusion Plant where there aren’t enough pillars to mitigate LS.


Who needs pillars, when you have trees/Terrain?


wherever the bubble is, it strikes in a column above it. im fine with LS, but it just needs a visual tweak because u still get hit when you think you’re out of it (the bubble). id say make it look bigger to compensate for the adjusted radius


If he can’t see you, he can’t hit you. A building, large tree, big rock, anything helps with it.


You can dodge LS with one jetpack when timing is right. AS is much bigger pain in the ass because it may need two jetpacks.


We know the animation has been changed on TU9, the gif they posted of the LS where goliath was jumping into it looked a little different though.


You’ve casted enough high level gameplay to know it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds against good players.

I’d be fine with LS if it’s indicator matched the actual radius. I don’t think it’s too big, I think it’s too unreadable.


I disagree quite strongly that LS is either undodgeable, or op.

Lighting strike on its own is in my opinion tough but very fair to dodge- and to be quite frank, simply requires timing on the hunters part to dodge. Timed right it can be dodged nearly 100% of the time.

By it self

Coupled with banshee mines however, resulting you in being hit with a LS while your mid tumble animation- THAT sucks. And there’s very little you can do in those situations.

I can not stress enough how great practice drills are if you want to really improve your game.

Get a buddy on kraken, have him put 3 into LS, and literally do nothing but practice dodging it. When the event is isolated from all the other distractions in the game, learning to deal with it becomes so much more straight forward.


LS isn’t OP. Vortex, Banshee and then LS is OP.


Awwh. But Vortex is so much fun! And they already changed the knock back quite a bit =/ I’m a passionate Kraken hater, but that skill is the one thing I love about Kraken :laughing:


That is not the new effect :stuck_out_tongue: That capture was done on TU08.

Commenting on Lightning/Kraken based things, I’ll be working on Monday to get him ready for our internal balance bros scrims with proposed balance changes that Brando and I have talked about. If the code that I think is in there is, we can get him pretty close to the internal version which would make me a very happy camper.


Only takes 1 boost to dodge it. The only thing that makes it difficult sometimes (apart from bullshit tumble that ruins most fun from the game) is that it’s radius is way bigger than visual effect.


I jizzed my pants at this news thanks guys! Really awesome to know you’re working on him as soon as you are. :thumbsup:


Then I’d like to see a video/gif of when to dodge with no damage taken. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just extremely unlikely.

It’s how he combos them. LS, then Vortex while stunned, then BM/AS to finish off a hunter. If you can’t dodge a LS, then the stun forces you to take that Vortex. It also looks like you didn’t read the OP.


Just last night I was running around two pillars fairly close to each other than here comes the LS had a pillar between me and the kraken/LS my luck I thought but nope the LS was running straight into a pillar I was behind so I JP away it still got for alot of health.


Actually with the increased ease of hitting with Vortex(Due to radius buff) I find its easier and more effective to rush them, smack them once or twice with melee and then close range Vortex, then when they jet pack away I put LS in front of them, now they choose to take more smacks while eating the full Vortex or eat LS, and either way they gonna take BM directly afterwards.

I almost always save LS for when they out of JP or the above situation, and with the above method many times you can kinda corral more then one player into the same escape route and get multiple hits with LS and/or Vortex.

When fighting EK I just try and do the standard save your JP fuel, let LS target you and double press X to boost out at the last second, you still take some damage but at least if you already moving you not just stunned into a forced combo every time.