I've decided to make others rage


To make it my personal mission to make hunters quit the game. Pref’ing monster and only monster. Sick of losing because my teammates are brain dead.

Is what I’m doing wrong? Discuss while I’m wrecking noobs.

Update: Got called a cheater already! Downed Sunny twice in the same dome in less than 10 seconds. THen they say “Goliath OP” I tell them… “I’M OP BITCH!”

Update 2: Been called a cheater 3 times now. God I love having the power to cause people to rage at each other as well as at me. It’s good to be the king am I right???


waits for actual arguments regarding this thread


What even is this thread? :joy:


It’s gonna be something! Just you wait, friend, just you wait…


Pummelling noobs doesn’t teach them anything but that monsters are OP and TRS don’t know how to balance.

I’m with @Rapterror on this one, I can see no good coming from this. Seems more like a general rant.


Just played game with kala where my whole team left dome for some reason and i was fighting stage 3 wraith 1vs1 [and won!] kek

They did it on stage1 too.

and walked back for 2minutes

That monster was as skilled as my team and that saved me from loss tho.


Probably saw the big shiny thing and had to walk towards it. A lot like Daisy actually.


The dumbest thread ever…


I really don’t give any more fucks. Sick of shitty players throwing perfectly winable games. Now I’m going to murder them all and that’s that. Sick of being nice.

Insert “No more mister nice guy” memes


At the end of the day it’s your decision on how to play. Doesn’t mean I will agree with it or think it’ll actually help your situation.

What was it that Yoda said?
'Anger leads to Hate,
Hate leads to Suffering’


In this case the suffering of all who oppose me :smiley:


Also I respect your politeness. You’re a true gentleman!


Your username contradicts your belief. It says, “EvolveIsBack”, as in the game has more
Players and you’re happy about it, yet you want to force them out? Why don’t you just stop playing.

I’m not kidding.

Stop playing. We don’t need people here whom only want to watch the game fail. I mean it. If you dislike the game so much than just leave, as there’s clearly no place for someone like you in it’s ranks. I mean it.

Stop playing.


Did you play Kala a lot?



Post wasn’t going to lead to productive discussion. If you are frustrated, I recommend dropping a post here

Folks, lets try to be civil in the future.
Let’s also not be an intentional troll.