I've been writing, I don't know why or what's it about, Caira, Jack or twerking maybe?


It was wicked and both beautiful at the same time, it air smelled of dried piss and I can see the rats that have made the horrid place a home from behind the dark glass.

They look to be at peace and not really minding me observing them, they instead to focus on whatever carcass that they had manage to carry up in there. Maybe it’s a cat or one of their own? I don’t know.

So just instead focused my attention on this wonderful creature that I had been following for days now. It looks just like me, but we’re kind of different. I’m not sure how but I guess it’s one of those 'you just know, when you know’ kind of thing.

I try to get to it to get its feet on the same earth that I’m walking on, but it seems to be lost in its own little word, stuck on some nightmareish cloud nine trip.

So I just sit by and watched, watch the creature as it waste itself. Wittering away and tearing at the seems, braincells degenerating whatever youth that it has before our encounter, before I even knew.

I stayed with it until the sky turned into a glorious lavender and eventually until the sky turned into a tint of blue I never I’d seen before. The sun had gave way to a blue moon and dazzling cluster of stars.

With the light of the blue moon and the fireflies that had accumulated on its face, the creature danced its last dance, breath its last breath before fading into the night. Never to been seen again.

Alas the creature was me and me, the creature…

And then I got hungry and made myself a sandwhich, a sandwhich that everybody loved. I made a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwhich, without the jelly or the sandwhich.


Great story very interesting. I want more!

That’s talented


Dafuq did I just read


Torvald Stavig, does not compute?


What… What did I just read?


Was the peanut butter crunchy or creamy?


I was craving creamy.


I like peanut butter.


This. I can relate to this. I always say I’m going out to get dinner, and come back with nothing. People are all, "I thought you went to get dinner?"
And I respond, "I did, but I found something much greater. Inner peace."
And then they be mad cuz they gots no food.


Searching for a deeper meaning yet all I can think of are narcotics or over joy/excitement.


I was looking for a “TL;DR” section and I found something about a PB&J sandwich being made without the PB&J…

So? Was it just a bread-only sandwich? Or an Air/Empty Space Sandwich?

I need to avoid these threads just before I go to bed… dreams keep on getting weird and not kinky enough…


there is no TLDR section. If there were I’d just say “I like penus!” or “Twerk it like Miley