I've Been Redesigning The /r/L4D2 Subreddit Over The Past 5 Days...!


Due to my contributions to the Left4Dead 2 community, a moderator was nice enough to invite me as a moderator for the subreddit since I am still very active. After a month or two, I was able to finally get a group of people together to help redesign the entire /r/L4D2 subreddit’s CSS style from scratch.

It is still a work in progress, but it is definitely well worth it when you compare how the sub looked less than a week ago. Unfortunately, our CSS devs don’t have much experience with Reddit styling, so we’re all learning things as we go. It also is limiting us until we can find someone who knows advanced Reddit CSS so we can have more customization!



I am currently in charge of the images, colors, and design. While I mess around in the CSS, most of that work is done by the others. I also purposely went with a more… “Left4Dead 1” design. Don’t tell Valve!


Nice work! I don’t follow the sub myself, but that before and after comparison shows you’ve done an amazing job at polishing it.


It’s so pritty! :heart_eyes:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

It seems to be functioning for the most part, but we’re probably going to be messing with remaking the entire style from scratch on our test sub, which might take a while.