I plan on buying Evolve soon. I’ve seen what everyone has been posting and I honestly don’t give a flying fuck. :slight_smile:

Not sure if counts as off topic, but I also don’t give a flying fuck as well. :smiley:


Glad to see some new people interested in evolve. Welcome.


Welcome to the game. ^.^


$38.56 for Retail game +Behemoth and Savage Skin
Hunting Pass is also $22

I hope you enjoy it, and bring your friends :smile:


What system? If you’re buyin for PC, hmu up on steam, I can teach ya stuff and thangs :smile:
also randoms suck, you’re gonna want at least one guy that knows what hes doing >_>


Welcome to the party. Always good to see new people join the hunt. :smile:


Don’t care, gonna sue you.

(Honestly though, welcome)


Zee platform eez PC. Steem is king. All hail our lord and savior, Gabe Newell.


Now bow down or he will consume your wallets. (Like he doesn’t already. LolSales.)


You trying to rape me?


You tryna get shrekt >_>


Amen. Praise the mighty GabeN!


No, but I am PC user. Steam is king. Hail GabeN.


Nice to have another PC use. ^.^


Praise be to Gaben


This forum turned into a place of worship for GabeN real fast. .-.

Now to wait for HL3.


It’s okay, we like strange stuff. O.o


Im assuming you still havent found The Thread


And like the Wraith, it’s “Supernatural”.

Ah? Eh? …no? :frowning:


g2a.com has the:
Evolve base game: $35
Behemoth: <$1
T4 Hunters: $16

That is a steal if I ever saw one!