It's Working!

2 hours since F2P and we have over 1k ppl playing!


1 hour since I’ve started playing and I have 7 people watching my stream. I only ever have 1. That’s a great sign.


Why doesn’t ps4 get f2p :c

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Ty, didn’t see that.

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Who’s the one viewer?

My friend :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought F2P didn’t start until tomorrow.

Give me your stream @10shredder00

noon for PC

Midnight for Xbox

Well I’ll be jiggered. Time to alert my crew!

They usually watch when on Steam but my twitch is:

Because Microsoft exclusives.


Sounded more like PS4 opted out

You know what the great news is about this? The waiting times for Monsters are still abysmal! Hooray for all the new people who get to play Waiting Simulator 2K15 and will immediately be turned off from the game because they can’t actually play it! Seriously though, I have no bloody idea why somebody thought it would be a good idea to do this before they fixed matchmaking and not after.

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Doubt it. It’s well known Microsoft paid some extra cash to have their XBONE exclusive for Evolve. Just look at some of the console tournaments, promotions and they had early access to the two maps that were added awhile back.

It’s not new in this day and age. I mean PS4 paid big money for Destiny exclusives or something that annoyed the Xbox crowd.

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Maybe but still each instance has timed exclusivity. This is different from what the beta and maps were about. Sony has a record of turning stuff like this down, rather they prefer to do things like this through their own channels.

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I’d be playing this weekend, but my glasses broke… :cry:


How does one download this game in 2 hours?? It’s 50GB!

The tutorial videos take up like 80% of the files I think. That’s where a lot of the space is coming from.