It's time to buff Caira


Nobody uses her she needs a healing buff (minor) napalm damage buff and a acceleration field buff.


she isnt bad. she did just get a 2sec buff on her healburst though.


Her Napalms needs some sort of utility, not a damage buff.


Her napalms do less damage then her pistol when she goes down.


She’s just worse Val


That’s literally exactly how she should be, Val should always have the strongest single target heal because she can only heal one at a time while being completely unable to heal herself outside of her healburst, Caira can heal multiple hunters at once with her AoE while also being able to hear herself with it, she should never heal as much or more than Val on a single target

Also balancing medics around Val in her OP state is an entirely awful idea


actually, caira’s single target healing is still higher than val’s xD


Val’s only strong because of tranks as far as I can tell. As Mastermind said, Caira actually has better healing; she just lacks Val’s all-around utility.


Hm, good to know, I guess that makes sense though because they buffed her grenade reload with the buff to the perk when they buffed Val and reworked the Reload Speed perk, I don’t play medic so I don’t have hands on experience to draw from


I think I’ve seen that but you’d need to hit with all of the grenades for like 2 clips.


Val isn’t OP. Also if Cairas grenades are hitting 2 people they are standing too close and will get wrecked by a monster.


Yeah, her Tranqs are OP, Caira requires more coordination and skill than Val does, but they could undo the nerf they gave the healing grenades radius


i was excluding perks/mastery. and caira didnt get a reload change then. or do you mean indirectly?

caira is harder to play. if you practice with the grenades it shouldnt take you 2 clips to heal someone.

69/alt-hps (this is the healing / time is takes to heal)


dont get me wrong, i’m just saying caira isnt bad. she did get a healburst buff, even if slight. but i do agree her napalm or acceleration field need something done.

but her healing is perfect.


So I have this dilemma and i know ive talked to people about it on here before but i think Caira just feels weak. Shes not weak at all, Ive played pretty intense matches with her and they’ve gone both ways. Sometimes ive been obliterated by monsters. and I mean obliterated. and there have been other matches where the monster was dishing out some serious damage but couldnt down anyone cause of the AoE healing. not to mention the heal bursts every 20s(before the HB patch). so heres where i stand now. Caira is an extremely situational character. the reason I say that is because when ive gotten obliterated, it was in open spaces, plenty to jump around, but for when the monster couldnt touch us was in tight, close quarters.

@MacMan idk if im going crazy but is the fx when cairas healing herself smaller than it should be? (healing nades) whenever I try healing myself i feel like the healing im doing doesnt even come close to saving me?? idk.


Caira nades intentionally hit her for (about) half hp (60 for her, vs 125 for anyone else)


i see. ok that makes sense!!! that changes everything! Thank you!


How long does it take caira with capacity to heal back 1000 damage?

How long does it take caira with reload to heal back 1000 damage?

Numbers are amazing to know- But this is where things like context come into play :smiley:

Standard, no capacity, no reload, caira can dish out about 36 healing grenades a minute, totaling about 4500 hp.

With capacity, she can get out about 40 a minute, or 5000 healing.

Reload, 44 nades a minute, or 5500 a minute.

But lets start looking at numbers that are more important to the game- Damage values youre like to heal back, and time frames youre likely to heal them back in. (Within the bounds of good taste that is practical/relatable for this character)

Standard, itll take caira 14 seconds to heal back 1000 hp (10 nades), or 16 seconds to do 3 volleys, for 1250 hp.

Capacity, 12 seconds for 1000- Before having a 3 second reload to get off another go.

With reload, shell do 1000 hp back in 12 second- 14 for 1250.

In EVERY case- Val beats this for single target healing. “Alt” healing is nice- But it paints a picture thats pretty unrealistic for this game. Val, within the context of how this game plays, the majority of the time, is the fastest target healer.

And I want to elaborate that these numbers arent “theoretical” numbers extrapolated from the games code. If im not mistaken I believe you took the firing rate of 75 rpm, multiplied it by 125, then divided by 60 to get 156 hps? But that firing rate is just that, a firing rate, its not an actual number explaining how many nades caira can actually fire over a minute. Its how many she could fire over a minute if she didnt have to reload, and had a magazine large enough to do that- Which she doesnt.

These numbers were obtained by me repeatedly testing how many nades i can fire off with the specific perks multiple times, and then again timing how many times it took me to fire off that specific amount of grenades (in the case of the 10/12 tests). If you have your doubts I openly welcome you to test them yourself, i assure you youll find the same figures :slightly_smiling:

To get a better “theoretical” thing we should figure that 75 rpm means she fire 1 nade every .8 seconds. This would take her 3.2 seconds to fire her standard capacity- with reload her normal 3 second reload time becomes 2.1, adding these together we get 5.3 per cycle. 60 divided by 5.3 gets us 11 cycles per minute- multiply by 4 and we get 44 nades. Which is exactly what im testing her at

But ya- Val is the superior single target healer, within most situations/contexts youre likely to encounter in this game. Now Caira is indeed capable of dishing out a higher/more consistent healing number over the course of an entire dome, but thats a pretty unrealistic scenario for this game- And when it comes back to dealing damage numbers that are important to how engagements tend to take place, val beats caira- typically by a few seconds- healing back 1000 damage in just over 9 seconds, about 3 seconds faster than caira, or 11 seconds for 1250, which at best was 14 for caira. in just over 14 seconds, val can heal back a hunter from 1 hp, which will take caira about 18, depending on perk. Of course on the short end caira can heal back 500-625 damage in 3.2-4 seconds, which is faster than val can- its only when she needs to reload that val crawls ahead. But again, yaddayadda, context, yaddayadda :smiley:

And none of this even figures for travel time- which can add to cairas totals.




I also think that her Napalm grenades could use a buff, they just do no damage, but her healing grenades are through the roof.


Acceleration field feels right to me. Where Val slows the monster down limiting his movement allowing for easier targeting etc… Caira’s AF speeds up the whole team allowing for better scramble or chasing.

Her napalm is weak. Super weak. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s dmg becomes even more limited if you have another burn dmg user on team (Mad Mags or Hyde). Her healing is so weak. I understand it’s meant for AE healing, but that works counter to good team strategy. No coordinated team says “clump together” during domes. Only reason to pick her over any other medic is her Acceleration Field and that’s not something many people place much value on.

Emet has better AE heals.

Slim has better AE heals and can actually keep a single target up if he’s in burst range and Slim has a good bead on the monster.

Rogue Val has better AE heals.

Val has the single target heal crown.

Where does Caira fit in?