It's time for some new maps in Evolve


Hey guys ‘n’ girls,

I’m in the Evolve- community since a long time and I really like the maps TRS added to Evolve.
But there aren’t any new maps for a long time and that makes me feel bad because I really enjoyed the feeling of exploring a completely new map.

Also it isn’t really fun anymore to play on the same maps over and over.
So TRS, please make some new maps. I always appreciate your work on Evolve and all the content in Evolve.

T-Dizzle :unicorn:


As of right now, their first priority is 9.0, which fixes a lot of stuff and changes maps and whatnot.

But yeah, I want new maps as well. :sob: Especially if they were… different, to say the least. Both Broken Hill Maps didn’t have a lot of nature and had a lot of man made stuff. More maps like those or others completely different would be amazing.


Yeah. That’s right!


They are working on sup many tweeks to the game balance and a few current maps and character variations that new maps… I don’t even know when that could be a thing :frowning:

I wish we could get some new maps tho to liven up the fresh telepathy that this latest patch and the 9.0 patch are bringing


Hopefully they are setting their priority on maps after the TU09.


Btw: They will also make the performance much better ^^


AGREE. Hands down. Praise you.


As far as the community is aware no new maps are on the go but TRS are full of surprises and I am sure if TU09 goes well that will eventually be on the to do list since it has been a while :smiley:


They change the Balance every Patch. Every Patch there are new broken things/unbalanced things.

Next Patch they change these things again…

and so on. They could focus on maps if they really want.


I would love some new maps. The game in that regard has felt very stale as of late. I would love more variety in that regard.


@GrizzleMarine confirms a new map.
The rest of his post isn’t important.


This game needs something fresh, balance changes aren’t enough. Hopefully they bring a few maps or a gamemode with TU9, but for some reason a lot of people hate the broken hill maps, so who knows.


i like most features of BH maps, and i also think that the latest balance patch pushed this game into a great direction. i do really want some new scenery tho :slight_smile:


I want the tutorial map to be playable in hunt. The atmosphere and style of that is not carried over to the rest of the game at all.

Hell if they add day and night cycles to the current maps that would be great. Imagine being on Rendering Plant in the dark? Or playing on Distillery with the glow of the sun bright orange across the landscape at dusk.

That would be cool.


TRS be like


Daylight cycle would be worth all the waiting for me.


This plz trs.


Can’t do Day and Night cycles because of how the shadow geometry works. BUT we are trying out Weather cycles, so at the start of the match it’s all blizzardy and by the time you are fighting the stage 2, it’s all nice and clear.

We are playing with it now to see if it helps stage 1s be more juky.


:smiley: 10 chars


Me too.We got enough BH- maps.