It's painfull to play against Paladin Parnell


Well,Paladin Parnell just came out and I already lost all my faith as a Monster main after playing 5 matches against him.
The fact that he can shield himself and heal himself is not really fun If you are a monster.From my last match I had quit because I couldn’t handle it anymore.Paladin Parnell just healed everyone too effectively and when Sunny gave him Jetpack charge i knew it’s not gonna end well.After noticing that I decided to attack the Trapper who was instantly getting healed and I couldn’t even hurt him.Some of may say that I was playing badly and maybe you are right but here,I have to disagree.After my I finished my tenth ranked match as a monster I got to Silver Destroyer which is a really decent rank.
My winrates with my main monsters are abova 85%,even with Gorgon I’ve played 67 matched and I won 63.So basically what I’m saying is that Paladin Parnell is a bit OP,especially against certain monsters like Wraith,Gorgon and Behemoth.Maybe he will get a qucik hotfix soon after the response but now I’m not going to continue playing Evolve as a monster.Also I played with him aswell(I only play with monster or Trapper so playing with a medic for me is not usual)
And I won when I never played with medic and it happend in ranked.I hope you guys can get my point and If you disagree and you can easily win against him than it’s fine,good for you.

DISCLAIMER:Like I said it doesn’t mean that he is too OP but I felt this way.


You have to act like you are playing against a mixed caira and slim. You have to split parnell from the team and try to stun lock him to prevent him from recharging his healburst.


Win rates too high, pls nerf monster!


Well That’s something that I tried.For example with Bob,I toung grabbed him in the caves of Weather Control in a tunnel,Than I closed the tunnel with the rock wall (He was the only one against me there) and I couldn’t kill him with my abilitys so after that I was like “I need to sneak attack so he can’t shoot me and heal himself” but when I was about to kill him he healed himself than the rock wall went down (I had 2 points on rock wall) and the next I saw is Paladin Parnell with full health.I might just have to find away to keep him seperated for a longer time


You tried the right thing. In that case you should have punced as soon as you tongue grabbed him post rock wall. Also try to bait his shield. Once it is down, do the combo, if not with pounce, go with fissure and lava bomb. Remember. Only 1 point on rock wall!


As if you know how to completely combat a brand new character in a measly 5 matches.


his weakness is spreading damage across all hunters.

also you played bob… which is not saying anything balance wise.


I just completely kill team with paladin parnell using wraith and goliath…

doesn’t seem that OP… just a bit longer to kill…

if u cant kill paladin parnell, change ur target to some other hunters…

I guess u focus too much on him


I don’t want to make another thread, but after playing against him a few matches, he is kind of ridiculous. His self heal kicks in way to early and he is very tanky. As meteor Goliath, I was doing pretty much constant damage to him for more than 30 seconds nonstop and he kept healing himself. He was the only one left besides the trapper, and it took so long to down him it was a bit ridiculous. I don’t know, he seems way too survivable by himself.