It's our birthday


Happy birthday to us @SQUARENecron and @ukchivas. Well, it’s our birthday here in Australia :smiling_imp:


Jumped the gun for us in the states, but happy birthday!!!
:cake: :confetti_ball: :fireworks: :smile:


Happy Birthday


Happy birthday guys. Hope you all have a good one. :birthday:


Hurpy Bertdey!

@Jedi_Warrior Get it in here before someone else!


Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:


Thanks guy, I can’t speak for the other two, but I’m having a brilliant day :kissing_heart:


Happy cake!!!
Oh wait… sorry, Happy Birthday!!! (Since this surely isn’t a lie… is it?)


Happy birthday!
(I love this gif. ;_; )


I’m not…lying (Ahahaha the thread)


Happy Birthday guys! :heart:


Offtopic but…
Where have YOU BEEN?!


Dead, School, Dead.


Happy Birthday!




TATE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! You should have been the first!


I 'av in the very much of the troubles, I 'av. T’sall good, mate. ‘Airs much bigga’ thangs to worry 'bout. Like dangos. And wallabays. An boom’rangs. 'Straya jokes.


I haven’t any clue as to what you said. But aye you wanna go to 711 and grab a couple of sangas. Maybe go to dans’ and grab a couple of goon sacks and hit up the the local rsl for some ciggies in the gutter


I got drunk as a skunk and bowled my best game to date. All in all pretty nifty day.