It's not really fun to play monster anymore


Yeah I win most of my games as the monster, but it’s just not really fun to play as monsters anymore. It’s where even if you make 1 or 2 mistakes in battle, the hunters get s great advantage, whether that being missing an attack or just focusing on one hunter. It’s just no longer really fun to play monster. I don’t feel satisfaction in winning anymore. It takes to much work to win at stage 2. Like I don’t use all my skills to win at stage 2, but now it doesn’t even seem like a fair fight anymore. Is there something I’m missing? Or is it something I’m noticing?

I dont want to play Monster anymore

You won a lot, means the matchmaking puts you up against more difficult opponents. You can still try to go for a stage 2 victory, but it will be come more and more difficult for you. There is a stage 3 for a reason.


with the new hunters monsters have to deal now with more stuff. faster tracking, more domes, more dmg.


I just dont like how all i ever do is run because Sunny is the biggest wrench in the system ever. She turns getting chased into “See how far you can get before the dome drops” because she makes it uber easy mode for Trappers. I just wish I had more friends lol, thats when its best, cuz bragging rights :stuck_out_tongue:


She hasn’t got enough jet pack booster to get everyone on you. She generally slingshots one person miles ahead and that uses all of the booster.

Sunny only ever boosts the trapper and assault. And she’s always late to the party.

You basically get the first 20-30 seconds of the fight to batter them before medic and support arrive.

If ever there was a dome I wanted to be in, it’s that one!!

Tickle assault so he pops his shield, focus trapper down and then pick your next target.


You havent hit a capacity increase sunny.
All supercharged.
Along with the rest of their fuel.
Ample amounts of stuff to catch you


Still not enough to slingshot the entire team to catch you consistently.

They do catch up, but they’re isolated.


Well i think if i get caught consistently then its clearly enough to catch me consistently :wink:
I don’t think her booster is broken or anything, its a new thing and it presents a new challenge, but damn does it remove the “Cat and Mouse” aspect, more like Owl and Mouse because damn, theres like no escape


Haha - I get caught consistently too!

Maybe I need to clarify - I mean you get domed but without the entire team on you because she can’t boost everyone.

If she boosts the medic ahead, the team is in the trouble.

If she boosts the trapper you get domed, but no protection to keep him up.

What’s the situation you keep getting caught with?


Oi vey, amazing sneak start, everything is going beautifully, then CAW CAW SUCKER carrion birds :expressionless:
At this point im ready for evo 2, then i sniff and wouldnt you know it, in comes a trapper, followed by a dome, and out of the blue a medic and assault arrive at lightspeed. Thats why i prefer reload speed Sunny, that at least gives me some room to beat on the trapped, but capacity increase is sort of just a one and done deal, theres 0 space after that for you to escape. Add in the fact that its usually Griffin that i come against, and i can hardly move half a map before the dome is around me again and zip in comes the same duo to take my prey from me. Just irking really.


Oh I already new that, but it isn’t considered a fair fight when they can make multiple mistakes and can just wipe them off like nothing while the monster can’t do that without getting hammered hard :confused:


This: Evolve hunt motto has always been this, even as a “tip” in the loading screen: Stage 2 is supposed to be a “fair fight”.

And Unfortunately it is not true, for Goliath at least. With a hunter team well coordinated fighting with Sunny and Caira the deal is sealed: no strike will occure and damage will be nuts. I’m talking competitive or almost level skills. Which is supposed to be the absolute gameplay: where every move counts. (Now, not EVEN talking about the glitchy Goliath’s moves, that gives you at least 1 or 2 mistakes by game, if not by fight.)

And no strike against that well coordinated team at Stage 3 gives you BIG disadvantage at a relay fight.

Goliath has issues…


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a lot of success these past two days as monster. It could just be the matches I’m in, but I’ve won every single match I’ve played as Goliath in the past two days (admittedly, that’s about ten or twelve matches at most).


If the trapper is Griffin and a good one, the time you take to break the SPAMMING harpoon that occured during his boost gives the team enough time to catch on you and replay the Boost/Poon, until dome surrounds you again, eventually with no more armor.
If Caira helps with the speed boost it’s even easier for them.
Against a Sunny Caira Griffin team you get catched at S1, you are fucked.
Or you should be. They won’t let you run away after that, and if you get S2 you won’t be able to fill armor.
Unfair and Unbalanced.


I’ve won 20 games on 30 in the past few days. My arguments are based on the ones I lost since it was against teams of the same skill level as I am…


Ah well I wasn’t arguing directly with you, or at all, really.

But, I do agree with you. Likely, my victories are because the other team isn’t coordinating with each other. There are high level players mixed with low level ones. Some of the fights were close, but many of them I just toyed with them upon reaching stage 3. I’m sure someone will stomp me out soon enough, haha.


If you lost the game then they were higher skilled than you :wink:


Troll level 8/10 Would’ve been 10/10 if so many forum people wouldn’t have used this excuse for so many topics lol


This is no troll but stalker creating the account as a response to mine, about 15min ago just for arguing with the post…


Problem is that either I win too easily or I get destroyed. Usually the first but sometimes I meet a comp I can’t beat that uses exploits or glitches and it isn’t very fun.