Its not about the Product... Its all about the Process!


We have a problem in Western Society. We are always focused on the end game-- Product.
Always wanting to reach some goal at the horizon; that win, that kill, that one moment.
Guess what, the product is momentary, it will never last or meet your full expectations. Meaning you will always be left unsatisfied in the long run.

The most successful people alive have one common trait. They focus 100% on the process. Focus on your game, fuck the outcome. You will find yourself happier, more skilled and at the end more successful.

Sure we all want to win. In reality not everyone can win. Sure the win gives me a measure of success, but this is secondary to the fun I am having. Evolve provides me with exactly that experience. Even if I get smashed with my buddies, or hunted down like a dog-- this shit is fun.

What I am saying is… enjoy the game and not just the outcome.

PS. This is my angle for all the newcomers asking for every change imaginable. TR thank you guys for all your effort and dedication-- keep on going! Evolve ain’t got a finish line.