It's happppppppeennnning!


My Internet is not great, but Jesus…some of you make me feel like I’m in fiber optic!


Where do you live?


I’m from Quebec, Canada. Every single ISP here have those ridiculous limits, unless you pay a bunch more to get unlimited. And the worse is that the speed isn’t that bad (I get a constant 2.5MB/s). 125GB with that speed is stupid.

Beta weekend got me from 0 to like 50% of my limit in a few days x)


How much? I’m paying 100 a month for unlimited 30GB Internet, home phone, and 300 cable channels.


Mine just started pre-loading as well! This is awesome since it’s gonna take like two days for it to finish, barring any internet shenanigans take place; so hYPED!


Eh idk, about a 100$ that Internet, about half the amount of cable channels, home and mobile phone. I’m not the one who pays (still live at my parent’s), but I pay the difference for the bandwidth limit if we pass it since I’m the one who uses it the most, so I still care a little.


Was expecting a baby announcement/disappointment


I hope you do. Stupid ISPs refuse to expand networks to allow for even decent speeds in rural areas but now areas with 40Mbps or more are getting access to gigabit internet.

Meanwhile I can’t get anything higher than 1.5 Mbps and I live about 15 minutes outside one of the largest cities in Washington.


Why? We’re talking about IMPORTANT things…


Jesus, that’s nuts. I live in Metro Cincinnati, on the Kentucky side, and we have 100GB Internet. I don’t need that much, though.


Here we go, folks. The beginning of the end. No turning back now.