It's happppppppeennnning!


hype intensifies


People so excited for pre-loads lol.

Makes me appreciate my fibre op.


LMFAO 2 days

You’re so lucky you get a 5 day head start,
This will take me weeks lol.


Even with fiber op, having it ready to go the moment it launches is pretty satisfying.


Weeks? Man you on dial up? Will the game even work? xD


I do not have the pre-load :frowning:


True, but also not having to worry about it ever because a download takes like 20 minutes in a worst case secenario, is also pretty satisfying.


Most people don’t, I don’t either. It is buggy and like downloading and deleting itself for me, without showing in steam itself at all.


Is it preloading from the Beta client or the Alpha?


Alpha client I believe.


Nah, gotta own the case for a game like this!


Mine has the retail ID…


I’m over exaggerating,
Probably be a day 1/2
But i’m actually going to a buddies house to download it because he has good internet and it’ll probably only take a couple of hours,
I’ll do pretty much whatever has to be done to play this game Day 1 lol


Ah, of course it’s the one I deleted! haha!


A day and a half? Holy shit!


Tell that to Centry Link,

Total Rip Off XD


Too bad I already went way passed my 125GB/month bandwidth cap. I’m doomed to wait 24 hours before playing, or pay an additionnal 50 bucks to download it. YAY for bandwidth limits!


What are these bandwidth limits you speak of?


It will take me about 24 hours to preload the game, I cant wait to do nothing for the next day waiting for the game to download.


Fixed price for the month if your download/upload stays under a total of X amount of data. If you go passed that during the month, you pay extra money for each additionnal GB you use up. In my case it’s like 1.50$ for each additionnal GB.