It's great to be back!


So like many, I have waited painfully for the 2.0 to drop. And man am I having fun after a long hiatus from the game. I know it’s too early to really give an accurate feeling on balance type stuff, so I won’t really go in it much. But here are a couple initial likes/dislikes so far.

  1. I’m loving the combat in the domes, on both the hunter and monster side. Everything is smooth, there’s no cheesy tactics, and no glitchy buggy stuff. There’s seems to be generally a decent balance for the most part after playing both sides a bit. However I’m reserving any solid opinion until I’ve had a chance to play some ranked.

  2. On the glitch/bug topic, the only thing I ran in to, which was fixed right away, was the invisible monster glitch. I have yet to be d/c from a game, have it freeze up, or some other game breaking glitch. Loving it.

Couple of Dislikes:

  1. I am not enjoying the planet tracker. As a hunter or a monster. It takes the hunt out of the game for me when you can constantly be automatically pointed in the correct direction of the monster without any kind of skill. At least with the other Trapper abilities you had to use them correctly. Even playing on the hunter side I don’t like it. I liked having to actually outsmart and find the monster myself.

  2. Dome notifications. I’m fine with all hunters being able to throw the dome. I understand why the implemented that, and I’m ok with it. However, I hate that the game notifies you when you’re in range by slapping a big notification smack in the middle of your screen. And it notifies you if you domed the monster. I really hate that part. Cause I’ve had some good jukes back in the day where I made them think they did not dome me, so they drop it. Then I either get a risk free fight or I can continue running if I needed to.

All in all, I’m having a lot of fun with this game again : D I miss some of the elements from the old build that made it feel like a hunt, but I’ll adjust. The combat in the domes is super intense, so I’m digging that. As long as it’s still fun, that’s all that matters, even if it is a little different. Thanks for sticking with it TRS

P.S. Love love LOVING Behemoth. He’s always been my favorite and he plays like a dream now!!! Tongue grabs hit, I don’t get hung up on every nook and cranny of the map while I’m rolling. I could go on, but yeah, well done.