Its geting really boring playing against the same setup!

Lazarous, Sunny, Jack or Maggie and Hyde.

Always the same.


I see a lot of;

Val/Caira Hank/Sunny Maggie/Jack/Griffin Hyde/Markov [PS4]

Does get boring when you see the same ones repeatedly, and you have good counters for them. If not, I don’t mind. Let’s me try a few things so I have a few tricks up my sleave (Always better to have a few tricks ready).

You can hard counter Lazarus with Fire Breath alone, if that helps.
Just break the shield drone and then spam fire breath on Sunny and quickly switch to Laz. Don’t worry if sunny get revived, a strike on Laz is GG.

Or Lazarus directly if the Sunny is bad.

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Caira? lol she may be annoying with hank but thats her job as a medic but i havent seen her except maybe 1 or 2 matches since latest patch on xb1

I usually see a variety of hunters. Maybe thats because Im in skirmish and people just pick anything there.

U dont play at the higher levels then in hunt.

Only noobs use val and all medics besides lazarous with shield are easy.

People complain when i want to play bucket and i understand them. If assault is Pernell its an instaloss for hunters.

Erm… I’m a silver destroyer monster, playing mainly against silver elites-destroyers, and also, defeated my first Gold destroyer hunter yesterday (which wasn’t that impressive as he was 6-6). I can upload a few of yesterday’s games as I recorded the good ones. Infact, I’ll do just that later…

Val has received quite a few buffs and is very viable now. You can watch the ESL and watch some of the best teams using her in their games and winning. Laz is never picked because he’s an easy counter. And yes, that is with shields. I’ve beaten Laz quite comfortably with a Hank/Sunny support (And this was against silver elites that knew how to play). People don’t complain when you go Bucket, because he’s quite amazing right now… His damage output and ability to deny an area is great. Parnell, when played right, is a beast. I can introduce you to @SQUAry_berry395 who plays Parnell. He’s helped my team win quite a lot of games, and he does good damage (amazing if he catches you on the evolve).

i’m guessing you don’t watch esl…you know the highest level there is because val is used almost exclusively now

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You don’t know how wrong you are (._.)


Why is it that everyone on consoles totes Hyde as the classic pick in a team like this? Why not Torvald? Literally no reason not to. Area denial? Torvald does it better. Burst damage? Torvald does it better. Utility? Torvald does it better. His damage is just as consistent if not more. He’s better in every way.

Not sure. Perhaps because there are quite a few wraiths, and if they go up into the air, it’s near impossible to get those mortars on him? It’s quite a fair split between Markov and Hyde, but you see the odd Torvald thrown in. Against a Goli/Behe or a wraith that doesn’t skywraith, I completly agree. But I guess Hyde is more reliable because it’s more consistent to get the damage.


I’m sorry I had to.

But I disagree. Torvald is, IMO, best against every monster EXCEPT those with a really really cowardly playstyle. But they have to fight eventually. Just my opinion.

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Val is the new FoTM.

The micropatch made every other medic objectively worse than they used to be, but buffed Val.

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I’ve never liked Torvald,I find his mortars come down too slow and end up missing a lot,then his shotgun suckz aswell,also it makes a dam echo noise everytime it fires!

I much prefer Markov for AOD,Hyde for up close n personal the rest suck

Prettymuch. I see a LOT of Val being picked now.

That’s just my take on why it could be. I’ve gone up against some Torvalds (as Kraken) that have given me a terrible time. And in general I feel Torvald is very effective now. Hyde can prevent a monster eating with his toxics, which helps when you have a Laz. Both in my opinion are very good.

I used to hate torvald when he first came out.

His shotgun is almost exactly like a weapon in Daikatana, the Shotcycler. Which brings back painful memories.

And I hated the fact tha mortars were his main source of damage since I never had fun using them.

But he’s grown on me really well.