It's games like these


This is going to make this game grow. Such an epic last 5 minutes I encourage all of you to watch. High level PS4 level 35 play. Player Markov is JPforce (ranked top 20 in NA for wraith)

Thank you for awesome game TRS! :smile:


Good game. Awesome arc mining. Terrible assault rifle aim.


wow how much easier must it be for monsters on consoles, his hit rate is atrocious


Because one guy can’t aim it means all console players can’t? Really? Pretty sure there’s cross eyed wrist support wearers out there to…


well hes top 20 NA apparently…

but i wasnt really talking about him , i had forgotten just how slow controllers are. i wonder what the difference in hunter win rate is between PC and console.


Well top 20 on wraith which is neither here nor there as it’s impossible to be bad as that thing and can’t say I’ve ever struggled with the speed on pads tbh and I also play pc.


It’s possible to increase sensitivity on the controllers to increase sight movespeed if PC users were wondering.