Its been good


Ive frequented these forums for a while and some of you have seen my threads giving feedback and supporting the game. But until the devs can give a date for the balance patch soon, ill be taking my leave. What worries me is that of avid supporters like me can be turned off by the snails pace the devs are working, no wonder people were sounding alarms for casuals. Good luck guys.


Sorry to hear you go. In the interest of keeping the peace I’m just going to close this thread so people don’t belittle your opinions :slight_smile: Best of luck, here is to hoping 2K gets a speedy resolution!


While I’m not even contemplating leaving, the community or the game, I do agree that this first patch is taking quite awhile. Was hoping for a slightly faster initial patch cycle.

CA is already kicking out major improvements to Attila TW and it’s been out a week less than Evolve.

Hopefully the Evolve patch is fairly complete and comes out soon. I guess console verification might slow it down?


2 weeks people. 2 weeks.


I think the big factor is fixing the progression loss on the consoles is what’s delaying the patch and the certification consoles need to go through.


This. I remember them hotfixing Kraken’s Lightning Strike over night during Big Alpha.

Also @Takran, @SledgePainter or @Plaff. How come people can still post in a thread I thought I closed?

Edit: n/m. I guess I can’t close within 5 mins of creating. Mods OP!