It's been a year since I played Evolve and


It’s honestly great, I wish the game would have released content earlier to keep me interested the whole length through but I love the game again, and the diversity of everything is great! I also wish the player base on X1 didn’t dissipate as much as it did even though I can be counted into that. Nonetheless if anyone wants to have a good time and play some Evolve feel free to add me :JTXII
Since I have maybe 2 people on my friends list that even play the game anymore haha, but all together I just wanted to express my sentiment towards a game that I played grueling long nights of gameplay and unforgettable times just only a year ago.


I’ve had Evolve for only a year

I’ve logged 200 hours into it best 200 hours of me life


I’ve had the game since June and got almost 150 hours. I regret nothing.


I’ve had it since launch and just stopped playing due to the lack of content at the time


Got the game since beta and i found it unique among all the existent fps. I have never enjoyed so much a game (apart from borderlands, sorry ).


Welcome back to the dark side…


been here since beta and i regret nothing

Playing as a huge ass monster was the best experience ever


In the past year of my life, a whole month of it has been spent playing Evolve. A little crazy and I might be addicted…

But anywho if you want to find some players on X1 I’d go here:


I have somewhere near 3000 hours now. Lol that’s a 125 days…


lol i dont know how much ive played for because on the profile page it says like some long ass 5 or 6 digit number,but i know ive played it pretty much non stop for a year.


I believe those are minutes.


Over 1200 hours here and still love the game.


That’s wayyyy too much boomy :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought 1000 was extreme

I’ve only got a measly 400 in comparison to you people :stuck_out_tongue:


I have nothing to do with my time. It’s amazing what useless wasted minutes you can rack up while sick.


700 hours since release… no regret,

Wish this game had more players…


I wish people stopped making these topics with a clickbait unfinished sentence as the title. Please respect other users and exercise your ability to sum up your ideas in a sentence.


If you knew it was clickbait then why did you click?

Best way to start out how he felt about the game back then and then tell us how he feels about it now.

What’d you want? “So I hated Evolve last year but I love it now!”?

Kinda a boring title. No suspence and I immediately know how he feels about the game before I even click the thread meaning that there probably wouldn’t be much point in even going into the thread.

Sadly for me I’m kinda backwards. I liked how it was when it was released more compared to how it is now. With a few minor exceptions.


Well it’s hard to avoid because half the threads in this forum are like this now. I think it’s lazy, it’s a cheap way to get attention, and on top of that I find it appalling to have so many threads read as unfinished sentences.


I have over 3000 and I haven’t touched the game since a couple days ago :blush:


It’s clickbait so I can get people to play with lmao, not so I can get “attention”