It's been a year! NOW ITS IN A DIFFERENT PLACE! ⚠CAUTION!⚠ Contains images of spiders!


Ahhh fuck! I hate spiders!

There was a very similar discussion a year ago.

I found this thing crawling on my garage siding in USA, MN.

I was like screw this thing I’ma poke it.

The thing jumped at me and made me scream like a girl, oh my.

I know, scary. It even got away… I’m afraid…

Are you scared too? Here’s a cleanser, my kitty on my car.

Any scary spiders where you live? And does anyone know what spider this is?


It’s beautiful. …but, from a distance. A GREAT distance. I don’t know what kind that is though, sorry.
Edit: apparently it’s the “Golden Garden” or Argiope spider.


I actually let spiders into my home,never clean webs and never kill spiders,i also feed them when i can.

I hate flying insect,nothing worse than fking wasp,moscitto or even fly getting in your ear at night and waking you every 10minutes.

Spiders are so fking scared of you,. try to touch them with finger . they hate you as much as you hate them and will not ever touch you if they can avoid it. Wasp on other side will fly straing in to your face and bite your eyeballs until you go blind.

Cocroaches even clean themselves after touching human!


I had one at the bottom of my basement steps as a kid that I used to feed lol.



Hey OP. I found this.

Argiope spiders are not aggressive. They might bite if grabbed, but other than for defense they do not attack large animals. Their venom often contains a library of polyamine toxins with potential as therapeutic medicinal agents. Notable among these is the argiotoxin ArgTX-636.[9]

A bite by Argiope aurantia is comparable to a bee sting with redness and swelling. For a healthy adult, a bite is not considered an issue. Though they are not aggressive spiders, the very young, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems should exercise caution just as they would around a beehive.


That’s a black and yellow garden spider, or argiope aurantia. They’re all over where I live in California. They make large webs between our tall flowers, or down in our field in the tall grass, bushes, and reeds.

I once was walking through our creek, and one had built a web head-high between some cattails. I walked up to it and didn’t see it until it was a few inches from my face. Made me scream so loud. :stuck_out_tongue: They are freaky looking, but not aggressive.

I think the only other “scary” spiders I’ve seen around here is a black widow. Though, a few months ago, I was coming in from a bike ride in the evening, and there was a spider about 2 inches long that I’d never seen before on our door. It was really freaky looking, almost not even spider-like. I looked through some books and online and couldn’t find out what it was.


To be honest, it looks beautiful :open_mouth:


Ahhh yes. Thank you all for the info on the spider I found it almost immediately when I looked up venomous spiders, even though it didn’t say HOW venomous which might have been good to know lol


I got this massive spider outside my house.
Roughly the size of a Looney. That’s not counting the massive egg sack it has on it’s back, or it’s long spindly legs. I think I might grab a can of febreeze and a lighter, then melt the fucker.


I edited the title to give a little bit of warning. :wink:


Melt the fucking spiders fucking face with the fucking febreez can! :hyde2:


Why are these pictures so goddamn clean? You got like a professional photographers camera or something?


Looks like better mobile phone photo to me.It is quite blurry.


I’ll admit the third one looks a bit blurry but I just went full screen on the others and they look pretty clean compared to what an iPhone or any other generic mobile phone would do today. Maybes it’s because I just got contacts the other day but I dunno they’re strangely clear if taken on a phone then lol


We use to have a type of bug that swarmed around out house. They were called Wheelbugs, which falls in the category of Assassin Bugs.

The needle is what it stabs you with, it hurts like shit, they can crawl on spider webs instead of getting trapped AND they can FLY.


Its a little garden spider. Mostly harmless. Spiders are your friend! They keep all the annoying bugs away.

There is a spider that makes its web outside my back door and he can go to hell. Makes a new web every day that I walk through taking my dogs out. I have a stick by the back door I use to wave around so that I can not walk through the web.

He gets all butt hurt about it and makes another.


They are from my LG 5!


The upper end Windows phones take amazing pictures!


Camera phones are fine for photographing static subjects in good light but dedicated cameras are still superior with moving subjects and in low or difficult lighting.
Today mobile cameras are pretty good,if you buy that thing that makes it stationary it is even great,if you bother to run 1-2 filters no one will tell difference between your phone shot and 300$ camera
It is great time to have photography as your hobby,I remember when film was the thing then we got horrible mobile-cameras and now they offer such sharp images it is impressive.

Where difference begins to really show is 1000$ camera with good lenses vs phone.