It's been 6 months since the first Alpha, Cursor still stays on screen ingame


This was a very common bug for so long. I love you guys at TRS, I really do, but how has this not been fixed yet?


Happened to me as soon as i started the tutorial and then i didnt have a mouse cursor in the menu after it and had to restart


Yeah, I had no cursor the first time I launched. Restarted it and that fixed it, got in a game and BAM cursor ingame. It seems negligible but I honestly couldn’t focus and had to restart the game again. Here goes another attempt.


Turn your mouse sensitivity up and make your cursor go all the way to the left in game if it still happens, you won’t notice it as much


If this happens, you can window back and forth to get rid of it. Or press the “-” button up top and reopen it. Should work.


open steam overlay and close it immediatly. gets rid of it.


That too…

Why are you here Ryaneko?


between rounds!


Ah. Of course. You lucky…Person…


Neither option works :confused:


weird. do it fast? i dont know… works for me :slight_smile:


so where do you live? why do you have to wait a week?


I can’t play for a week due to…Buisiness matters, shall we say? But I’ll be back soon, and Shear will bow. Probably not, but in my head at least. :blush:


Doing it 5 times extremely fast worked -_-


I do hope they sort it out. It can be very annoying, and we don’t have time to spam the overlay in game.


Apparently they’re working on an update , not sure the ETA but there should be most bugs fixed.


that sounds mysterious! xD

just need good micro for this game :stuck_out_tongue:


Mysterious is good, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


mysterious is awesome :slight_smile: