Its been 2 weeks since the last Micro Patch, do we get one today?


Its been 2 weeks since the last Micro Patch, do we get another one today?


No, sorry. It’s inline behind a bigger patch. Once that patch is off to platform QA we should get the next micropatch. Sometime next week.


Damn, but awesome. Thanks for the info! I couldn’t find it scouring the forums.


No problem! It’s buried in the telemetry thread, I can try to find the link if you want.

Edit: whoops, Q/A thread, not telemetry.


Here you go!


Ah, I saw that one when looking through dev tracker, but didn’t see anything that specified time. But I trust you.


In fairness, he did say they were targeting next week, but that it wasn’t 100%.

But I’m hopeful!


That is the part I missed. So end of next week or 10ish days I guess.


My guess is next Thursday. It’s not based on anything though, just my guess.


Here’s the current build they have in progress. It’s subject to change or being pushed to another build.


Anyone know when the title update is coming and what’s in it? I can’t wait. Hopefully more dialogue.