It's been 1 month and PC has received no patches, no support, but tons of excuses


This is completely unacceptable from an AAA game. There are many bugs and balance issues and they have not been fixed after one whole month. Varying reasons have been given on to why it hasn’t gotten put in yet. It needs time, the micropatching system is not in place, we want feedback, etc.

First of all, why was the micropatching system not in place before launch? In 2015, a massively marketed game with heaps of DLC was not given enough attention to attend to this? There is no excuse for this. It’s pure lazyness and blind sightedness. This would have allowed you to get the “feedback” you seem to listen to and implement it. Yet, it’s not there. Absolutely unacceptable.

With all the future DLC already announced and people, myself included, have already payed for, it sure seems like we’ve been abandoned. In fact, we have been. The game has a staggeringly low number of players and nothing is going to bring many of them back. For 730 hours nothing has been given to us except promises of change and freebies to try and keep us around and people are tired of it. With so few people left around it seems that the plug has been half pulled on development of the game since it didn’t push as many units as the Publisher wanted.

This is just shameful. People have spent $100+ on this and have received zero in-game updates.


Yes. This is totally unacceptable. Let’s leave this game behind. Come on Desolas, let’s go.


It’s hard, man. I come back to it every now and then hoping it will be fun again, that everything will be better. That I haven’t wasted $75 on a pile of rubbish. I come back and cherish my festering garbage hoping it will turn into gold.

It still hasn’t though.


That’s what I’m saying. You don’t enjoy it why play it.


Distracts me from the fact I wasted money on it all from sweet nothings spoken into my ear.


Well that is just dumb. When I don’t like a game I stop playing.


Yes its been long time for fixing bugs. They should’ve fixed minor bugs with some hotfixes already. Personally, I’m not smashing the game just because i really believe TRS do their best and they will fix all up.


I’m not sure you’re actually liking the game Desolas, to me Evolve is a niche game, even if the matchmaking is updated and balance is increased, the game won’t change for much from now on. If you don’t like it as it is, you probably won’t like it much more after the main update. Even with the bugs removed, which weren’t game breaking bugs.


This is my point. Thank you Sweyn. It just seems that some people like self harm when they keep playing a game that causes them grief. (I love the game btw so noone gets wrong ideas)


I like the game, but the support is horrible for what the game costs and what was promised by TRS.


There’s just about a hundred people working on this title which isn’t very much compared to many other Trible A companies out there. The people at TRS are working hard on a patch. Hang in there.


I get you on that, I kinda have to agree, even if I’m absolutely sure they are working like crazymen to give us a proper patch. They should have made some hotfixes and small patches, even if they wouldn’t be adressing all the issues, at least, people would be seeing some updates on their steam, and won’t think the game is already getting forgotten, because some people feel like it, and I understand them.

Maybe TRS isn’t really aware that nowdays players are expecting updates pretty regularly, they are our Old School great game devs after all, even if they are geniuses by creating this game and LFD, they may have their flaws too, I’m going to assume they’re trying their best here.

To me, a competitive game has to get patches at least every 3 or 4 weeks, that’s a minimum, especially team based games, and in Evolve, I feel like the game is using only half of its possibilities at the moment, I’m enjoying the game, and I’m really enthusiastic about its future, I know TRS will make their baby go big someday.


You do know the game exists on consoles too right? why is it only pc players saying the game has been abandoned, the game sold around 200k on each console and only 60k on pc. Im sure we have plenty of players to keep them from “pulling the plug” lol. you also know they plan on putting out the patch this weekend if testing goes well right? for all we know they could try and surprise us with behemoth (just a thought no where was it hinted).


200K on console and 60k on PC is really bad sales considering the intense marketing. That’s really poor.


EACH console, 400k all together, blame the internet for being bandwagon dlc haters instead of using their own brains. marketing could’ve been better though, should’ve just kept the dlc secret like every other dev.


That’s because PC players are really influenced in social media, video game tests, streamers and reviewers.
Console players usually just look at the game at the supermarket, see it looks cool, buy it, and voila, maybe they’ll look after one or two tests, but thats about it.

Take that as an example, Summit1G tested the game yesterday, and Evolve got a twitch popularity peak at 17k, it didn’t happen even in the ESL tournament I believe, if he keeps playing it, probably 1/15 of the players not having the game may buy it soon afterwards, thats how PC sales work now.

To me, people (aka pc players) will eventually realize that Evolve is the great game, once they will get past the DLC-money-hungry face 2K gave it, and actually get interested in the gameplay, the thrill of the hunt.


You… You just can’t SAY that, Host! I’ve already like, dumped just shy of a few hundred hours into this game already… If they release Behemoth this early, I’m sure I’ll have family knocking thinking I up and died O.o

Seriously though, it’d be sweet, but I don’t think they’d surprise release like that; Doesn’t really seem like something 2K would do… I’d think once it’s closer, 2K will shout it from the mountaintops. Hopefully more… effectively than they have done thus far :wink:


Well destiny did actually pull story out of the game to make it dlc, it was on the disc day one and you had to pay to unlock it. But yeah, people should have more patience, I remember never knowing when a patch was going to come out if at all. Now people get conformation on fixes and then turn around and calls reasons for a delay “excuses”.


That’s a little harsh now isn’t it. The poor guy just came in here to look for help so he can quit the game he doesn’t enjoy. No need to be overly hostile. We should just give him some encouragement so he can just set the game aside. Now Desolas you can quit if you put your mind into it and you will forget all about those dollars you spent. You can find happiness again.


Would be cool, might bring people back if they push out behemoth early as a way of saying sorry for the patch delays that people are crying about. NOT LIKELY, but it would be pretty sweet.