ITS AN Arachnid hybrid?


Uuuhmmm..... it's coming this year.... like, probably in October or sooner.


I started wondering about it when i would play as the hunters when i would have Caira and Cabot having a discussion about wraith and what stood out was "If you look at Goliath you'd think its crossed with a "Orion Pterosaurs" okay maybe, But wraith no if we had that technology i would've known about it"


Oh, i heard 2016 somewhere.


Confirmed by Lady Shaners it will come before 2016 O.O


Nah, it's being released 2015. Probably October is my guess.


FOr me it was this post.

Specifically where it says about environments to fight in. One of them is called "Ancient Civilization: Are a landscape dominated by ancient ruins of some ancient alien civilization. Vegetation and Wildlife have reclaimed the time worn remnants of the ancient cities and water is plentiful."

To me, from a narrative standpoint, if you thought about aliens once, that means you are content with a reality in which aliens did/do exist. Aliens reclaiming territory, watching of the universe, being the big bad etc... is much more interesting then "Human lab experiment gone awry."


Just by reading that now may have just proven my theory maybe, and could also explain what happened to Factor in the long run.


It only has 6 legs. Arachnids have 8. So it's technically an ant. As for the theory, makes sense. I personally thought they were evolved humans, hence the name evolve (the monsters don't evolve during the fight they just undergo metamorphosis).


Okay then its a human Ant hybrid, but personally a Human arachnid hybrid would be way creepier but this new one is still gonna have that feeling.


I have arachnophobia, so I agree with you on that, still a hoard of ants is nightmare fuel.


I wonder if its going have some ability that allows it to summon a swarm of killer bugs?


Has anyone heard of the Tyranids from the 40k universe? Similar to what you suggested, the story behind them is that they're bio-engineered monsters designed for war and consumption. They land on a planet, strip it of all life and use that organic matter to grow/birth/? more Tyranids to consume the next planet. All Tyranids are controlled by an immaterial psychic mind called the 'Hive Mind' which basically controls them and tells them what to do.

The monsters could be like that. A psychic alien mind wants to consume planets/kill humans/etc and has created the monsters to do this. This mind is telepathically controlling the monsters, explaining why they know how to destroy power relays in strategic locations. When a new (hunter) threat arises, the psychic mind grows a new breed of monster to counter that.

Also I bet some of the inspiration for Kraken's design came from the Tyranids, maybe the lictor.


It's been confirmed that it is a spider not an ant. So please drop this argument as it is a spider and NOT an ANT.


Okay so i was right the first time. I want to spin innocent creatures into a web and disolve them internally stuck_out_tongue



Fixed it for ya. The monster has two legs and four arms. This makes it an insect.


Oh markov lol


Alienated Praying mantis?


Don’t know that, they could easily swap it around.


Yeah there is that aspect towards development