It's almost time - Here's a little something for the community


Here’s a free 1080p wallpaper to tide you over til launch.

I’m developing a little something special for the community - if you’ve been to you may have seen the sneak peak. I’ll update this post with more wallpapers and other goodies over the next couple of days, so stay tuned!


Very nice. Looking forward to what else you bring out. I’ll eat up most Evolve stuff. mmm mmm


Cabot is hella short


Cool beans man, cool beans.


The heights not accurate remember parnell is eight feet tall.


interesting. I didn’t know that


Yeah, I kept the proportions from the character renders. He really is that short I guess, which is kinda sad. Parnell is a bit short as well (for an assault).


That goliath vs titan image, priceless.


Because Asian? I kid…


Lovely wallpaper. Makes my made one look like child’s play. hah A like and save image to you good man.


My new desktop wallpaper, thanks! :smile:


I love that stereotype. Makes people surprised when they see my height. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Isn’t he the tallest Assault? He’s eight feet tall- not sure about the others, but I though he was taller…


You can check out the images from the link I posted in the comments. Check out where there feet are as well, some are lifted up in the air to mask their shortness. Parnell is shorter than Val, according to these renders. Been a while since the beta just going off what TRS provided.