Its almost impossible to win


Monsters are just to OP nerf them a little or boost the hunters a bit. Its almost impossible to win as hunter!

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No I had a match as Monster and lost with no strikes on the hunters. It was impossible to even get swing on 1. Monsters are nowhere near OP man :stuck_out_tongue:


Been bucketing monsters as support all day. Havent actually lost yet. Bucket OP, Monsters no OP.

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25 matches in and I have a 80 percent win rate as Hunter vs monsters in Silver league. Sure monsters may seem OP against random pubs you may be playing with, but with a team fulfilling their roles the monsters begin to seem not so OP anymore.


Hunters aren’t UP to the monster…

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This post is… Wow.

Hunters most certainly are not UP. In fact, I’d say that everything is at a pretty good spot right now.


if it had to be OP it would be behemoth. But its not OP


Try grouping up with 3 people with mics and you should have more success.


<fixed that


some krakens just suck lol. Problem is aftershock and banshees. Banshees should NOT to splash damage


I played two games since the patch. Won one, lost one. The main thing I noticed was my monster felt like it could keep with Caira. I still lost but I did not feel like it was unfair. Now hunters actually have to put effort in intead of sitting there shooting while the monster can’t hurt them. MONSTER’S ARE SUPPOSED BE BIG, SCARY, AND DIFFICULT TO BEAT. THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES LIKE SCARED DEER.


THANK YOU!!! FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE THAT HAS A BRAIN!!! God all these biased hunter players are so salty because they can’t easily win anymore. Ugh…


Monsters are not OP. Bronze class hunters are just unskilled so if you got stuck in bronze you’re in for a hard road to silver.

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You sound new to Evolve… My advice: keep at it! When I first started playing (as a Monster I might add) I lost 9 out of 10 games online and about half my matches against the computer… But the more you play, the easier it becomes to conquer that panicky feeling that makes us all screw up sometimes. And btw, the community is supposed to be here to help one another, so maybe make another post that says “Hey I need some pro tips for this Support and this Medic” or something. It works, I swear!


It’s impossible to win because the medic sucks.

I’m being put in matches with medics who do nothing. The monsters’ melees are also really weird, they can basically completely stop you from running away and every single attack now shoots you flying and disables control, when I swear it never used to with some of them.

I should mention that I’ve unfairly been put between bronze elite and bronze destroyer, because the team constantly dies, which might explain my problem. It is impossible to get out of these divisions when the people are bad at playing.


I take that back monsters are op it’s rediculius how hard they hit


No sir i am level 40 (my name is LordKingSlayer7) i prefer trapped with crow and am actually 168 in the world with him and i at first wad playing with people i dident know and they dident have mic and i lost about ten in a row because we dident have communication… but then i hooked up with my buddy (Graceboy08) and he is 54 in the world with cabot and he had some freinds he met that actually one of them(merconioisrex) is rank 12 or 13 in the world with Lennox and then you know we had communication and we are all an amazing group and we had actually won 10 in a row and then we eventually got off because it was 2:00 in the morning but i realize now that with a good group that has communication… you just can’t loose.


Apparently you can :slight_smile:


Well that’s not down to the hunters being underpowered that’s down to the people you’re playing with and what characters they choose.

Granted that a couple of the monsters since the patch need a nerf but you probably need to get with better players who communicate and pick the right hunters. For instance picking Parnell against a good Kraken you will have no chance because of the short range he has.


Being the monster has the distinct advantage of having to rely only on yourself, so when playing against a uncoordinated team, or a team with one or 2 bad players can make you the mega op god of combat, no matter what monster you are, one hunter isnt gonna win the match (in hunt at least). On the other hand, a team with good coordination, especially between support and other members, can be hard to even touch, add a decent medic and proper jetpack usage and the monster has almost no chance (not talking about pros ). Therefore I claim that neither hunters nor monsters are op, communication is truly op.

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