It's a good day for Evolve


…on a Saturday at that. Finding games of 2.0 pretty fast on the monster side of things for ps4. And the matches are not disconnecting, and I say that not because I want to bash the game but because that has been an issue on the ps4 side for some weekends now. So maybe a possible fix as well? :slight_smile:


Oh i remember the day when monsters were in short supply in ranked. Hmm the great hunter migration is what i called it then the mosnters were in high supply a few seconds later -_-





I know. I can play as my Monsters more often!

so like is this 700 permanent for pc or will it be halved.
I just want to know because challenges


I’d expect it to drop a bit again, mainly because Easter weekend means free time


It dropped to 140 last night…


A good day for chuckin rocks
And body momentum.

:goliath_roar:my inner beast has awoken