It's a 3 strike system? Not really


3 strike system? I don’t understand why it only applies to your first life. When you come back in via the drop ship I feel the 3 strike system should reset and you should not die instantly when health reaches 0. I feel this is really unfair towards the hunters.


If the monster kills most of the team, he needs some sort of advantage. If the Hunters come back just as healthy as they were at the start of the game, the monster would be at a disadvantage.


Yea but usually the hunters began to die when the monster reaches stage 2 and definitely when stage 3 occurs. When you get another chance to go back into fighting a stage 3 monster it’s really hard not for your health to go below 0. But I see your point.


Yeah, it is really tough to fight a stage 3 monster with strikes. That’s why those early battles are so important. If you can do damage to the monster’s health without taking strikes, then even if he gets to stage 3 you’ll be in pretty good shape. But if he gets to stage 3 and your team is striked up, you’ll definitely be facing a rough battle.


If your team sets up properly, you can kill a stage 3 monster, our back up plan when we cant catch the monster at stage 2 is to wait, stttalllllkkkk him likee hes never been stalked, then when hethinks its safe to evolve, trap him and move in for the kill while his shields are down! boom!


Fights in the early game would favor hunters too much if strikes did not persist after death. If the hunters are very skilled than it can be one of the only mechanics in the game that allows the monster to win the game. Most teams never truly utilized all their abilities while most good monsters do. When teams start learning to use orbitals, domes, traps, shields, heals, aoe heal bursts, tranqs, markers, mines then all these things combined can make it very hard for the monster to win. We just arn’t see that yet in the early stages of the game.


Get Lazarus in your team :slight_smile:


Yeah, the best match I ever had, I was playing as Goliath. I was taking the stealthy approach for most of the match, and when I got to stage 3, I got a bit cocky. The fact that the Hunters had a Lazarus on their side was not fun for me. :stuck_out_tongue: I did end up winning, though. Match lasted 20 minutes. The Hunters put up a really good fight, too. For awhile, I was trying to attack the reactor and I kept getting shot at. It took me a couple minutes to actually look up. After I got rid of the final player, Lazarus, I took advantage of the fact that the others were busy dropping in, and I destroyed the reactor.


I completely agree with OP. You need a fresh start when dropping in after you die.


I agree. It can’t quite be a win-win. If the strike system resets, the monster is at a disadvantage. If it doesn’t reset, the hunters are at a disadvantage, which is kind of the point. I can relate to both sides, but I support the side that is already implemented into the game.


No.You probably don’t understand why but let me explain you.If you are playing with hunters that KNOW what to do.I say again hunters that KNOW what to do.I’m saying it twice because over the weekend i stopped playing monster because i only win.That’s cause hunters are noobs.
So let me explain you what you do as hunters and why those penalties are so needed.First of all if you are playing against lazarus his ressurection is almost instant with no penalty.Lazarus revives people with NO penalty at all.Now other tactic which people fail to use.When you are fighting the monster and the monster is winning you have a guy in ur team called Support.The support can go invis and just run like 200 meters away,out of smell range.That means the monster can’t find him so he goes back to feeding while the Support is waitting for his team to drop.Now you say that hunters need to have a fresh start if they come out of the dropship.That would be completly unfair for the monster.Why?For the sole reason that the Monster can’t regen life.The life damage you do to the Monster is permanent.If you think the monster got life back,he didn’t.He just Evolved and he got more MAX life so it might seem he got healed but he did not.The only other way for the monster to get life is by finding the best perk in-game that gives life regen but even that in order for the monster to regen even 1 bar of life with that perk it will take something more than 100 seconds.It is slow but it is strong aswell.So no removing the penalty will only hurt the monster.
When you are fighting any monster at stage 1 or 2 you don’t always fight it to kill it.You are fighting it to make progress in his life.If you manage to get his life at half,even at stage 3 he will be at disadvantage.

TL’DR.The penalty is nice.Even nicer because there is Lazarus as medic there.The monster doesn’t heal so neither should the hunters.