It's 23:20 here and I'm almost thinking of pulling an all nighter


'cause daaaaayumn, I wanna play those new maps and I wanna play the new patch and HYPE D:

There is a patch coming right? Including more than the maps?

There better be.


Yeah…not going to be 30 april for the world of not USA when this thing comes.


It’ll be 1st May here when they hit xD


Let me tell ya… the new maps arent worth it… ive played them since i am an Xbox master race user and not a mustard race pc user :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I dont mind if you’re an Xbone player. I’m still hyping it.

I snipped that
So I’m interested in what’s to come.


Im just messing with ya :stuck_out_tongue: the maps are fun :smiley:


You better be! Wouldn’t want me to fetch my Husbando.


The new maps are disorienting to both sides at first, and initially give advantage to hunters on Foundry and advantage to monster on the Mine. Once both sides figure out how the map flows, it balances out nicely. That said, the Mine is THE map for the behemoth.

Nowhere to run in those caves when he rockwalls you in.


They will be released around 02:00 won’t they? I’m so hyped for the new maps. As an aspiring Level designer the release of new maps is like a 2nd Christmas for me. xD

I’m so hyped!