It'd be nice to actually find some matches

Since the last patch every time I go to play evolve I pull out my cellphone so I can browse the net while “searching for hunters”.

At least before hunt2.0 I could actually play the game. Now it’s a 15 minute wait-fest before either stomping or getting stomped.

It’s so bad that I don’t even browse my regular websites until I go to play evolve. That’s right, I literally plan my browsing time to parallel with playing evolve. I know this new matchmaking was supposed to be an upgrade, but it’s not. It’s really really not. Maybe on ps4 and xbox there are enough players for this new matchmaking to work, but from where I’m sitting (PC) it’s definitely not working.

Just give up.

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Even though I love this game, I’m slowly playing less and less for this reason only.

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Same here I’m on Xbox and I’ve been waiting to get a match for an hour now…

Theyre working on it.

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Matchmaking was never good since release. :cry:

Im yet to get a single game as monster. I’ve left it searching for hours and nothing. Its broken for some people.

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