It would be nice if feed and climb could be different buttons


It might be because I am fairly new and its something I will eventually get used to, but it is infuriating to me the amount of times I am trying to eat and I climb instead. Happens all of the time and I tried to do the custom mapping, but climb and feed are binded to the same button. I really wish I could just make one or the other a d-pad button or something.


I’ve thought this should be a thing for a long time now. I’d rather accidentally crouch than accidentally climb >.>


Yeah it can be frustrating. I try to remember to let go of the move joystick/keys when eating close to a climbable surface.


It is quite annoying when this happens. You do kind of get used to it, but it will still happen from time to time. Doing what RaggityMan said is very helpful.


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