It’s been almost three years


Hey everyone! Like the title said, I sorta dropped off the face of the earth for a while. Between moving out, working and school. I truly haven’t been able to keep up with anything and even lost touch with the Evolve ps4 Community that I started a long time ago. How have you guys been?


What’s up Bill. It’s been long enough I don’t know if I actually remember you. Lol


Welcome Back


What’s up bud. Life’s been treating you well?


I appreciate it. I just figured to see how everyone has been.


Seems alright, a lot of the veterans (who loved the game) are still around. Not sure how vibrant the Xbox & PS4 communities are, but PC has a chatroom dedicated to getting games for people who still want to play. It’s all on legacy now since 2K shut down the servers, if you weren’t already aware.


Damn. Really now? That completely blows.


Yep. It blows.


It had its moments but over all the experience is good. 7/10 Would live again.


hello @Bill_Castaneda, dont think i know you but its great to have you back ^^
B4B is going to open a greater chapter for us hehe.


I’m guessing they’re working on a new IP now?


Truly. I loved it when gorgon came out. I miss it.


Strangely, they’ve been shutting down a lot of game servers lately.
Just about a couple weeks ago, they shut down all remaining ps2 servers.