It is RELEASED (depending on timezone), brothers


We’ll see the fate when all falls into place.

In the meantime. Hype.


6 days till evolve comes out in shops
Just one week!

H… h… h… HYPE!


15 days 3 hours 2 minutes and a bit according to


Is it bad that I’ve been twitching ever since they took the beta away from me?


Um… I think so.


No i got the shakes too they pass but they come back as soon as I see any videos of other people playing. And they seem reduced when I post on this forum… are they using mind control on me… oh god tin foil hats i need them


Ugh I need to shoot cairas grenade launcher. Hurry uppp.


I need to use Markov’s Lightning Gun.


I’m going to end up using all my AL in the first two months of the year. Already dropped three days for the beta which linked me from the Wednesday of that week all the way through the Monday! Plan on using some to take that Tuesday and Wednesday off as wrll.


I use matches and farts to simulate Hyde gameplay. It would be perfect, if I found watermelons with seeds to feel like a minigun, but alas, all watermelons so far has been seedless.





Aw God, this is too much… I need to ‘evolve’ my life…


I think we need to create a support group. Think about it. We’re having it bad now. Just imagine HOW BAD it’s going to be when we’re deep into that game and then something like the servers go down!

We can call it something along the lines of “Evolve~aholics Anonymous”. In fact, we can use this thread as a test bed and see how it turns out! I’ll start.

Hi, my name’s Accellerant.

I’m here today 'cause I’ve stolen my friends action figures and I’m playing out matches of Evolve.


My name is Overeptic,

And I am an Evolve~aholic.


Evolvers Anonymous or just…EA! gasps


It can’t be… faints


Damn it @Al_Bobo! Now how am I going to get this organization to grow?!

Welp, back to the drawing board then >:c


I’ve made it 334 days since watching the happy hunting trailer, only another 15 to go


So close… But yet so far.


I’ve been completely out of energy to be even bothered to do anything since the beta… I always expend what i would normally call “a month of time” on a test for Evolve… Alpha, Big Alpha, Beta…

by the end of the beta i felt so bad (i was actually sleeping… but… Evolve Dreams) that i couldn’t even play the last day, and i had to take Aleve for a couple of days* until i stopped feeling like i was physically dying.

I think i had some kind’ve winter weekend bug, and the stress i imposed on my body made it kick my ass. here it is almost a week later and i actually don’t feel bad anymore. Just out of energy. (i also didn’t even feel that bad at the end of the Alpha or the Big Alpha.)

*Naproxen Sodium