It is impossible to find a game?' Im from Mexico!


I am a player of mexico and PC game every time I want to find a game is impossible to find, I can spend more than 30 minutes looking and nothing appears, my settings wrong? or just looking LATINOS players or my country ??? LATINOS and I have other friends who also happens that, can not find items if they are alone.

Soy un jugador de Mexico y juego en PC, cada vez que quiero buscar una partida es imposible hallarla, puedo pasar mas de 30 minutos buscando y no aparece nada, esta mal mi configuracion? o solo busca jugadores LATINOS o de mi pais??? y tengo otros amigos LATINOS que tambien les pasa eso, no pueden encontrar partidas si estan solos.


I think I’ve seen where you can selesct a different zone, I’d have to summon @MaddCow for this one though


Not sure on how to choose different regions settings tbh.


Tu puedes cambiar la zona en una parte del menu, pero honestamente no se donde, tal vez un developer o otra persona te dira.


Diantre ahora nadie sabe XD , explora tu menu a ver.


Creo que se puede acceder a él por los menús desplegables yendo "Steam " - Servidores Preferencias- . Estoy seguro , sin embargo , usted es mejor pedir un desarrollador o un gurú "Steam " .

…How is my Spanish, by the way? :smiley: Haven’t brushed up on it for a while.

Maybe @Shin knows.


Very good actually, although “Guru” sounds funny


Dammit. ;-;


No, I wouldn’t know. ^.-
I learned very little Spanish in the past, and didn’t bother remembering what I’ve learned. Still haven’t had a need for it.