It.. Is... Here..... First Resort-Evolve Parody


People… It is here. I made this with my sweat and blood!!

I decided to just merge the lyrics with the actual music so you could see the differences.

That and I could not sing this without making your ears bleed.


I will gladly check this out when i get home. My phone is guna die(3%) an wont let me load it lmao.


I read the music perfectly with the lyrics, very nicely done!


Very good!


Well. Im diggin it dude.
But now im ready for you to make my ears bleed.
You can do it…


This actually took a vverrrry long time because I wanted to show off the most fun parts of the game without focusing it too much on ft3 because as you all know it is super boring.


i thought you had a singer lined up?


I did, but he couldn’t do it in the end. I just couldn’t wait anymore and this way you get to see how I changed the song’s lyrics. I would still like to have it sung in the future though.


Oh fuck the german GEMA. I can’t see this because of the Music!


same here… Verdammte GEMA!


Das stehen wir gemeinsam durch :’(
Ich glaube man kann das irgendwie umgehen.


I’m not too impressed by this video. I like the effort you put in but I don’t feel that you made it with your[quote=“Torvald_Stavig, post:1, topic:86870”]
sweat and blood!!

I know if you actually did, I would be sitting here with a case of MIND BLOWN. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m basically saying I want you to actually give this video your all because I know you can do way better than this my man. Show us what you got :smiley:

In other words…



Pretty sure this is his first EMV, you have to start somewhere.


Yup, I don’t have my own computer this was made by Imovie, when I said I tried my best I meant obtaining the videos lol


True that :slight_smile:


But if you could I’d really like you to make a better version of this. It has great potential :3