It is a New Year


Happy New Year! …a bit late, I know. Haha

Today, I was watching a Jacksepticeye video. It was a thank you video for the New year. I… I then thought about what the year was about. I thought about who I was and how I changed.

I am so different now than I was last January. I am not the same person that I was twelve months ago. Twelve months. I can’t believe it. I seriously can’t believe that in twelve months I go from this dorky… kid to an adult. An adult. I went from doodling down stories in my spare time to getting ready to publish a novel in a series of five. I went from being a young artist to this adult who knows how to use charcoal, colored pencils, photoshop, and ink! I can’t believe I went from being disgusted with shooter games, perhaps most games in general, to falling in love with Evolve.

How about you? Have you looked back and said “Damn, who was that kid in the mirror twelve months ago?” Have you ever just looked back in general and reflected on who you were and who you are now? Life is so strange. One day you could be playing around with modding tools. The next year you could be creating your own stand alone games. One day you could be drumming a tune with your fingers on the bus ride home. The next year you could be winning awards for your music skills. Life is just one surprise after the other.


What’s with this post? Am I seeing the date correctly? Why is telling me this is brand new? This says it is from 2016 but it’s saying it’s new and just posted. I need answers! It was literally above every post on the forums like it just happened.