It feels like I've been playing a year and a half long beta


Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love evolve, but I’m kind of saddened by it. I am extremely excited about TU9, but with the amount of changes happening, I feel like I’ve wasted literally hundreds of hours into the game. Thoughts?


I think that even though the details of the game are shifting greatly- I highly doubt the skills and techniques you have learned over 100s of hours will up and become irrelevant. Youll still have the knowledge how to avoid, dodge, time abilities, how to mechanically counter monsters/hunters/etc.

It sounds like the biggest changes will merely be “the rules of engagements”- and if youre half decent i strongly suspect youll pick it up quick.


If the time spent was fun and you enjoyed it then it can’t be a waste.


I just thought of a nice bonus for this update.

You know how you can never go back and relive that first exciting moment of playing a new game? Well with this update if it’s as grand as they say, then you can literally experience Evolve twice for the first time.

That seems like a great bonus to me.


I didn’t invest as much time since I’m rather new to the game. But I get your point. As already said, the abilities of the monster / hunters don’t change that much so I guess it isn’t wasted time, gaming never is. :wink:

But… and that is my concern as a fresh player who just got into the game its mechanics and loving it so far, some of the changes to come really bother me…

Dome for all dumbs down the trapper class and takes away from the teamplay aspect.

Health regen isn’t necessary.

A green arrow (compass) to track the monster, really?

So far I don’t understand why TRS are making these changes.

Gameplay was never the problem of Evolve but the biggest attraction. There are other aspects which shrinked the player base imho.

Good improvements would be:

Stronger wildlife - Hunters really have to watch their step and the decision when and where to fight isn’t cruical for the monster only.

Better use of weather - more dynamically and more cruical - failing equipment, blurry screen etc. (remember storms in Left 4 dead!?)

Point is -> don’t make the game easier, make it harder and more tactical.

I think TU9 will not bring many new players but scare the old playerbase (the rest of it) away.

I’m curious on how T9 will play out, but if it will go in the direction "we want a easy game for the masses - well, then I’ll move on. I was happy to find a original action game where you have to think here and there and which plays so differently for both sides.

But let’s see how it turns out when TU9 is here.


You haven’t even seen the (full) content yet and you’ve already judged it, shame on you :slight_smile:

Doubtful. Toxicity is what scared a lot of people off, as did a lack of balance in regards to early Wraith, Kraken, and now Kelder and Gorgon. By removing such things and introducing mechanics that will encourage more battles, they’re bringing a more positive vibe to the table.

If you think it’ll be easier for the hunters, you’ll find that you’re mistaken; armor regen is being improved greatly on monsters, to prevent roaching and to keep balance in check as well. Not to mention the countless number of bugfixes.

That’s the core of Evolve, and the core of the game isn’t being changed.


I disagree with that. Every hunter having the dome actually encourages higher level of hunter play via strengthening the team’s ability to split up and corral the monster into chokepoints, allowing them to land domes more often. It also takes away from the frustration that a poor split decision can make, when the monster smells the trapper and his partner, then lols past the other two.

I’m skeptical about this mechanic, but not because I think it takes away from the basic concept of teamwork. I’m afraid that not being able to escape domes or dodge them will be unfair for the monster. Though the devs seem confident that won’t be a problem.

Health regen isn’t necessary.

I think that 15 points a second is very reasonable. It’s incredibly frustrating to have your medic die and then wait by the relay with the whole team at half health for two minutes while the monster armors up, then comes in and kills you all instantly. It also takes some unnecessary stress off of the medic, especially for new players who are just trying to get acquainted with the game. It’s not enough to make a difference in combat, but it’s enough to top people off in-between fights and in the absence of the medic.

A green arrow (compass) to track the monster, really?

I think this is a fantastic idea. This will help new players immensely, as Evolve is very confusing and intimidating when you first begin. The maps are seemingly gigantic and easy to get lost in, and all it takes is one juke to throw new hunters off your trail for a free S3. This is a great QOL change for newcomers, and is an attempt to tone down the discouraging hardcore aspects that keep people from even learning the game.

It’s also a clever way to add viability to damage comps. Right now, if you want to run something other than the typical defensive teams, you have to pick Maggie or you will not catch the monster until at least S2. And at that point, the game is usually headed for a monster victory since damage comps depend heavily on dealing damage early on. This will allow trappers like Abe and Jack to get a general sense of where the monster went without having to scour the entire map or rely on luck. This change offers a large amount of flexibility and variety for damage comps, which I think will be a welcome break from the monotony of Hank/Sunny.

Did I miss something?

Well, there you have it. A discussion about gameplay mechanics which are thought out will always have pros and cons.

I could say that the fact the dome4all encourages the team to split up is exactly what takes away from the difficulty and tension of the gameplay.

You’re not supposed to split up - and if you do you should have a good reason for it. A big task for the monster is to make them split up or down the trapper. Now everyone is a trapper and hunters are left and right of you - see.

Now, for the arrow, why would you need it!? Looking for the monster is a game of luck and skill.

Check the enviroment, cut off paths, listen to the surroundig sounds etc.

Now, gone cause you always know which direction to go…

For me that changes gameplay in a way it gets uninteresting as monster. No sneaking, no hiding, no way to confuse the hunters? Whats left, well hammer on my abilities and pratically play Arena mode in hunt.

This is the worst case I can imagine and I hope it won’t play out like that.

The solution:

Why not make a beginner mode that works like TU9… and when you a little in the game switch to advanced, Evolve like it’s now.

TRS made a damn fine game, the only problem was that they didn’t threw in a good amaount of tutorials and beginner guiding.

Making the game simpler and more action oriented, well thats not gonna cut it for me. I don’t need to shoot all the time and have constant visibility of my foes. Playing the guessing game and using what you got is one big part what hunt is all about, at least for me.

Well now that I wrote that off I’m looking forward to what Evolve will become. :slight_smile:


So it’s a strategic thing now, that requires thought. Sounds like it could be complex and tricky to pull off.[quote=“step2ice, post:8, topic:86791”]
you always know which direction to go…

A decent enough trapper already knew this anyway.

There’s barely any of this going on as it is. Daisy is coming for you, and she will find you.


Daisy is the descendant of Bryan Mills… :open_mouth:


A decent trapper always knows where to go? How if there are footprints in the wrong direction or no signs of the monster? I experienced the fact that you are able to mislead the hunters as a big part of Evolve. :hushed:

As for daisy, this is a good example. She has to look for footprints too and follows the hunters. If they’re wrong she is wrong. And this is the difference between hunting a monster or running towards a monster (green arrow).
Also, this basically makes birds and daisy useless.

I’m really curious how TRS are gonna balance this since they had their hunters gadgets thought out and with the new tracking and trapping system change the core of the game -> hunting.


Daisy is never wrong. She may be a little slow at times, but she’s never wrong.

You must’ve been really lucky then. I rarely encounter a team that doesn’t know how to find me before I get to stage two.


She can be juked, so in some cases she would be wrong since you can send her sniffing in the wrong direction. Eventually she’ll figure it out though.


She doesn’t have to find footprints to follow the monster. I’ve seen Daisy completely ignore footprints to cut off the monster.

Right, sorta. If the hunters are leading the way, then Daisy isnt following the monster, she’s following the players who are wrong, not giving an opportunity to be right :grin:.

I can’t tell you how many times I can freely move as a monster because the hunters knew I was close, but then stopped following Daisy and went the wrong way. Lol


No the only problem was TRS making balancing decisions at launch based off green hunter teams getting shrekd by monster mains that had 70+hrs under their belts. Aside from a few glaring things that needed tweaked I feel the game was in a good place at launch with hunters just having a slightly steeper initial learning curve to conquer. The balancing henceforth has just been a mess of tipping scale points that should have been left alone for the natural evolution of player skill to reach only further skewing the “balance” once they did.

I had finally come back to the game recently after an immense hiatus only to find this lovely news. Id like to remain optimistic but its hard with this track record.


Exactly. On top of that, a good Maggie player won’t rely on Daisy alone. Once she starts sniffing, you know the monster can’t have gotten far. Add movement speed, or jetpack recharge to the equation and Daisy will become even more effective, as will the Maggie player.


I had a hunch that Evolves patching history went that way because ppl. weren’t patient enough to actually learn the game.


It’s not wasted time if you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Besides, we live in an era of always-online and constantly changing games. If the game devs find a problem of some sort or just a way to improve the player’s experience, why shouldn’t they implement it? TRS seems to strongly believe that TU09 is the best version of Evolve yet and want to show it off to all of us.


What other games get full core mechanic reworks over a year in? Also I cant speak for the time of my absence but you wouldve thought every patch and value tweak was the final solution to ultimate balance with how they were presented to the community.

Dont get the wrong impression I was and in a way still am a huge fan of this game. Monster race edition, nearly 300hrs before it stopped being enjoyable as a monster main, preorder the absurd goliath statue that I thankfully got my money back for, and I was the dude that couldnt shutup about this game from when hints first started getting dropped in I think 2013.

This game had a beautiful direction that really seems like its about to be totally lost and I wish I could believe otherwise.


There are other clues the trapper can use. You can judge (at least at start) the direction by wildlife spawns.